Instructions for Getting Exec Med, Expeditionary Med, and Managed Care AQDs During JMESP Website Outage

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The Joint Medical Executive Skills Program (JMESP) formalizes the process designed to meet the congressional mandate (NDAA 1991, Sec. 8096) that no appropriated funds be used to fill the commander’s position at any Military Treatment Facility (MTF) with a healthcare professional unless the candidate can demonstrate professional administrative skills.  This includes Commanding Officers, Executive Officers and TRICARE Lead Agents prior to assignment.  The competencies were developed and implemented post-Gulf War (1991), when the MTFs were nearly emptied, there was a major reserve mobilization and those Active Duty and Reserve component officers that fleeted up into vacated executive billets were not as well prepared due to there not being a standardized set of competencies and behaviors to prepare leaders for such roles.

JMESP is not a course, but a process through which Officers are exposed to 36 executive competencies. The four areas reviewed for the Executive Medicine Additional Qualification Designator (67A AQD) are:

  1. Education:  Master’s degree or higher (War College, Uniformed Services University, Navy Postgraduate School, etc.)
  • Experience: (through MTF/operational billets held)Director, Department Head, Fleet Marine Forces, Expeditionary Medical Units, etc.
  • Professional Certifications:  Fellow American College of Healthcare Executives (FACHE), ANCC, etc.

JMESP AQDs and Additional Requirements

Here are the 3 AQDs:

67A Executive Medicine – This is the AQD required for those who want to screen for command.

67B Expeditionary Medicine – You need a warfare AQD, JPME I, and 7 Core and 7 Additional courses.

67G Managed Care – You have to have met all the requirements for the Exec Med AQD (67A) and have 1 year of managed care experience while assigned to the Defense Health Agency (DHA), TRICARE Regional Office (TRO), Markets (eMSM), eegion, or MTF business office.  

Interim Process to Obtain the Exec Med AQD During Website Outage

The JMESP website is down due to a contract that expired June 30, 2022.  During this interim period between cancellation and redeployment of the new website, the JMESP process will include the following steps:

  1. Officers provide their Curriculum Vitae (CV) and their awarding authority’s (AA) name.  For Active Duty MC, MSC, and DC officers, provide your Detailer’s name; the AA for active NC is the NC Career Planner.  For Reservists of all Corps, please provide your Reserve Affairs Officer’s name. 
  2. JMESP staff will run the verification using their non-automated backup and respond either with remaining competencies that can hopefully be fulfilled through online courses or provide information on other ways competencies can fulfilled. 
  3. If the officer is fully qualified, they will be copied on a verification email sent to the awarding authorities. 
  4. If any remaining competencies are fulfilled through Joint Knowledge Online (JKO) courses, please send the JKO certificates or transcript upon completion.  Once fully qualified, officers will be copied on a verification email sent to the awarding authorities. 

* It usually takes 2-3 week for the AQD to appear in your record from the date of that e-mail.

Process to Obtain Ex Med and Manage Care AQDs

For Expeditionary Medicine (67B), please see the required course listing here (Note JPME1 is required for 67B):

You’ll need to prove to the JMESP staff that you met all the requirements.

For Managed Care (67G), please provide FITREPs that demonstrate 1 year of experience in Healthcare Business Operations at the Headquarters (DHA, BUMED, Region, or Market) or MTF.  To protect PII, please redact your SSN and send files attached to an encrypted e-mail, when possible.

JMESP Contact Info

JMESP Staff E-mail (Navy) –

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