MC Detailer Updates – War College, GME/GMO Detailer Position (O4), Operational Tours, Non-Specialty Specific Billets

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Here are some updates from the MC Detailers:

War College – PERS is looking for senior officers (O5/6) to attend Navy War College this fiscal year. Navy Medicine has 11 quotas spread over the three class-up dates (Nov 21, Feb 22 and July 22). Classes run 10-13 months (depending on session) with a 2 year service obligation after graduation. Graduates receive a MS in National Defense Studies. JPME phase 1 completion is an absolute prerequisite. Interested officers should contact their detailer directly.

Detailer position at PERS – Looking for relief of our Medical training/GMO/GME detailer. Ideal candidate would be O4 who has completed a utilization tour with previous operational experience. They would need to have met minimum 2 years’ time on station and able to move later this year. This is a high impact position which will be critical as we transition to straight through training and OMO tours in the future. Interested officers should contact CAPT Wayne Smith (Senior MC Detailer, Wayne dot R dot Smith2 < at > navy dot mil) directly.

Operational tours – We are predicting significant gaps in operational communities this FY, specifically flight surgery and undersea medicine. With concurrent shortages in the FM community, ALL specialties will be considered to fill these operational requirements. Officers with previous FS/UMO experience will be closely scrutinized for potential operational orders. Officers interested in pursuing an operational tour should contact their detailer directly.

Non Specialty Specific (NSS) slate – We are finalizing the NSS slate and plan to release via SL’s to the various communities in late August/early September.

A general theme for this detailing cycle is PATIENCE. With the multiple, competing priorities we are facing, the detailing/SL teams will need to be deliberate and methodical going forward. We may not be able to cut orders as early as officers may like, especially to CONUS MTF billets. We have to see how the various slates look (command, milestone, SEM and GME) and make sure we have adequate officers to fill operational requirements at the end.

Thank you all for your diligence and professionalism during a challenging time in Navy Medicine. Please reach out anytime with questions or concerns.

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