FY23 Command and Milestone Application Process

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Below is the info from the Corps Chief’s Office, but don’t forget about my post about how to match in Executive Medicine as another resource:

The deadline for applications is 15 JUN 2022:

  • The updated command/executive medicine instruction, milestone note, application forms, and FY23 opportunities lists are below.
  • New this year – applications will be uploaded to PERS via the Executive Medicine SharePoint site.  This is for both first time applicants and “banked officers.”  The deadline is 15 JUN 2022 for everyone.
  • Any questions regarding eligibility should be directed to your respective Detailer or Deputy Corps Chief.
  • There will likely be updates to the opportunities lists.  If you see something you don’t think is correct, please let you Deputy know so that they can address it.
  • If you haven’t been previously screened, you need to make sure your officer record is up to date.  If you need guidance updating your record for the screening board, go here.

Upload applications and find more information on the process here:


Here are the files:

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