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Consolidated Special Pays

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I recently attended a brief where we were given an update on the upcoming change in how we receive our special pays.  This new plan is called “Consolidated Special Pays” or “CSP”.  Many of the details of the new plan are not finalized or available yet, but here are the highlights:

  • All of the different special pays we received will be consolidated into three pays:
    • Incentive Pay (IP) – This will replace Variable Special Pay (VSP), Additional Special Pay (ASP), and Incentive Special Pay (ISP).  Currently ASP and ISP are paid in lump sums, but the IP will be paid monthly.
    • Retention Bonus (RB) – This will replace Multiyear Special Pay (MSP) but will continue to be paid as a lump sum.
    • Board Certification Pay (BCP) – This will change to a flat annual total of $6K instead of varying based on how long you’ve been in the Navy.  It will be paid monthly.
  • The current plan, always subject to change, is for everyone to convert to the CSP in FY17.  Officers under an existing agreement (such as a MSP contract) will be allowed to remain under that agreement for the duration of agreement.
  • The Navy is still working out the details and the answers to detailed questions may not be available.  Because of this you won’t find any details yet on the BUMED Special Pays page.  Despite this, they have been briefing these changes for a while at AMDOC and in other settings, so I think it is important to get the word out even if all the details have not been worked out.

FY16 Medical Corps Special Pay Guidance Released

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Here is the FY16 Medical Corps Special Pay Guidance:

FY16 MC-DC Special Pay Implementation Guidance

Here is the website where you can get further information:


And here is my video podcast explaining all the various special pays:

Introduction to Medical Corps Special Pays

FY16 Special Pays NAVADMIN Released

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Per the BUMED Special Pays website (http://www.med.navy.mil/bumed/Special_Pay/Pages/default.aspx):

8 Sep 2015:  The FY16 Medical Special Pays NAVADMIN 212/15 has been released.  FY16 Special Pay requests can now be submitted in accordance with OPNAVINST 7220.16.  Submit requests no earlier than 60 days prior to, and no later than 30 days after the effective date.   Send ALL requests and questions to the email address listed below.


Templates for submission can be found here, although your Special Pays person in PSD usually can do this for you:


Here is the NAVADMIN.  If I’m interpreting it correctly, all amounts remain the same from FY15 and can be found here, FY15 MC-DC Special Pay Implementation Guidance.

Introduction to Medical Corps Special Pays

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This is my first videocast of a lecture I gave to the Emergency Medicine residents at NMC Portsmouth a few weeks ago.  I was surprised by how many questions there were about special pays.  I think it is a topic that is mundane to those of us that have been in the Navy for a while, but can be quite a mystery to new Medical Corps officers.  As I learn how to videocast I’m sure the content will improve, but aside from one place where I said “January” instead of “July” I think it turned out well.  I hope junior physicians enjoy this introduction to the world of Medical Corps special pays.