Confusion with New Special Pays

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Many of you have contacted me about confusion with the transition to the new Consolidated Pay Plan. Frankly, I renegotiated a 4 year retention bonus (the new Multiyear Special Pay) on 1 JUN and now finally understand my own pay. Yes, it took me months (and luckily BUMED did it correctly)! If/when you are confused about your special pay, this is what I’d recommend you do:
  1. Read the Final Navy FY17 Pay Plan while looking at your LES. If you cannot figure out your pay, move to #2…
  2. Start with your command pay POC with questions. Insist that they explain it to you and make you 100% comfortable with your pay. You are a physician and should be able to understand your own pay. If they can’t explain it to your satisfaction…
  3. Contact BUMED Special Pay. Their contact info can be found on this page.

I realize that there is MUCH frustration and confusion out there right now, and one of my officers who used to be a pay officer is working on some Excel spreadsheets for you to use when trying to figure out your pay. I’ll post those when they are ready.

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