Medical Corps Special Pays Update from BUMED

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Please see the message below if you graduated from residency in 2017:

From: Marin, William L CIV USN BUMED FCH VA (US)
Sent: Monday, September 18, 2017 10:23 AM

Deputy Corps Chiefs, I just sent an email to all the command special pays
coordinators informing them of a couple of changes that were recently
decided to make.  The first change below is for all Corps, and impacts the
eligibility date for those officers who completed training programs
effective 30 June 2017, which made them eligible for a specific specialty
rate IP 3 months after completing the qualifying training.  For example, a
MC officer who completed residency would be eligible for the specialty IP 1
Oct 17; however, as a result of the ASD(HA) Pay Plan still not being signed,
and the impact that will have on Navy likely not signing the Navy’s FY18 Pay
Guidance until at least Dec.  Thus, the decision has been made to authorize
those officers who completed training 30 June 2017 to submit for the
specialty IP effective 30 Sep 2017 vice 1 Oct 2017.  Next year the decision
may be to move it back to 1 Oct, only for fiscal funding reasons, but for
now they are eligible 30 June.  Those who completed the training 1 July
2017, and later, will have to wait for the FY18 NAVADMIN before they are
able to submit.

The second change is only for Nurse Corps, and it was to advise the commands
of the change regarding the eligibility for Critical Care Nurses eligibility
for the Retention Bonus, which the NC and Crit Care Specialty Leader are
already familiar with.

Appreciate if you could disseminate with your specialty leaders, so they can
advise those within their specialty who may be eligible to submit for the
Incentive Pay IAW the above guidance.


William L. “Bill” Marin
Program Manager, Navy Medical Special Pays Program
Chief, Bureau of Medicine and Surgery (M13)

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