FY17 Residency Graduates Should Request the GMO Incentive Pay (IP) While Awaiting Their Specialty IP

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Please see the message below from BUMED Special Pays:

For those who completed residency in FY17, they are eligible for the Specialty IP (Incentive Pay) 3 months after completing the qualifying residency, which for an officer who completed residency 30 June 2017 the eligibility date for the Specialty IP is 1 Oct 17, and the officer has to wait for the FY18 NAVADMIN to be released before he/she can request the IP; however, until then the officer is eligible for the GMO rate IP the day after completing the residency, and should request for that IP, now! This is similar to under the Legacy special pays of requesting the ASP.

All Medical Corps officers who completed residency in FY17 should submit immediately, and have up to 30 days to submit from today, for the GMO IP effective the day after completing the residency. The officer will be paid the GMO IP rate until they can submit for the Specialty IP. If their eligibility date is more than 30 days back submit a retroactive request, and the justification is updated BUMED policy released on 11 Aug 17.

Send any inquiries to the BUMED Special Pays email address below.

usn.ncr.bumedfchva.mbx.specialpays-bumed <at> mail.mil


William L. “Bill” Marin
Program Manager, Navy Medical Special Pays Program
Chief, Bureau of Medicine and Surgery (M13)

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