Special Pays Update

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Here is a brief update on the conversion to the new consolidated pay plan all the Specialty Leaders received yesterday from the Deputy Medical Corps Chief:

“I have heard from almost every corner of the MC community on the delays in payments starting for the new Incentive Pay and Retention Pays as has RDML Pearigen and BUMED leadership. I have raised it in every venue I represent the MC. The backlog is decreasing, but it is still 1­-2 months behind. I know as I am four months behind the start of my IP, so am part of the community pain. DFAS has taken steps (tripling the number of clerks processing Navy Medical Specialty Pays from 1 to 3). Mr. Marin tracks very carefully the pass through of the pay requests through M1 to DFAS and that is not where the problem has existed. It is simply a bottleneck at DFAS. This should be a start­up problem as the military transitioned to the new IP/RP system and schedule and we get past this initial bottleneck. Once we get to steady state we should not experience this level of delay again.”

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