Milestone Opportunities in 2024

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Please see the attached BUMED note with the requirements for applying for milestone positions. Clarifying information is available at

Officers desiring to be screened for the FY 2024 career milestone screening board must submit the following information before 15 June 2023:

(1) NAVMED 1410/1 Bureau of Medicine and Surgery Career Milestone Screening Application.

(2) Commanding officer letter of recommendation for all career milestone billets.

(3) Curriculum vitae and biography.

Only applicants who submit a screening package before the deadline will be eligible for screening. The preferred application method is e-mail, with scanned copies of signed documents attached. Send all e-mails encrypted to protect personally identifiable information. An officer may submit an Application via mail or facsimile (FAX) (signed copies only) when another more secure means is not possible. The appropriate address and FAX number are on the NAVMED 1410/1. Commander, Navy Personnel Command(PERS-4415) must receive Application packages by 15 June 2023. The board will not consider incomplete or late applications.

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