Navy Announces Effort to Modernize its Performance Evaluation System

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WASHINGTON (NNS) ­­ The Navy announced Sunday that an effort is underway to replace its current performance evaluation system with a new, modern one.

“While NAVFIT 98 has worked for many years, we believe that it is time to develop a different system to measure Sailors’ performance,” said Chief of Naval Personnel Vice Adm. Robert Burke. “Our reason for making this change is three­fold. First, we want a system that provides more meaningful, frequent and useful feedback to Sailors. Second, we want to objectively measure Sailors’ performance. Third, we want to remove artificialities in our current system, such as the tendency of reporting seniors to rate individuals by seniority rather than talent.”

The Navy’s goal is to test a conceptual prototype platform later this fall while running the existing performance evaluation system in parallel.

“The Navy’s current system was conceived, developed and implemented in 1996, and there has not been a major overhaul since,” said Commander, Navy Personnel Command Rear Adm. Rich Brown. “Transforming the way we measure Sailors’ performance will ultimately provide better transparency, counseling opportunities and a more accurate assessment of an individual’s talent. Our Sailors deserve a modern evaluation system and we are working to develop it as quickly as possible.”

The Navy has outlined an initial concept for a system that meets the following objectives:

  • Measure an individual’s performance through standards­ based objective measures
  • Tailor reports and counseling objectives to paygrade/seniority and experience (e.g. E1­-E3; E4­-E6; O1-­O2; O3­O4; O5-­O6)
  • Remove forced distribution competitive categories
  • Enable formal and informal counseling that is both meaningful and frequent
  • Include warfare communities’ specific ­objective measures
  • Provide accountability, feedback and control mechanisms on reporting seniors’ performance grades
  • Enhance talent matching aspects of counseling and formal reports
  • Simplify reporting senior and counselor completion by allowing cloud ­based/mobile device input

Navy Personnel Command began leading fleet­wide working groups in mid­April to discuss the development and implementation of a new system.

“This change is not going to occur overnight,” Burke said. “We have a lot of work to do, and will partner closely with the fleet every step of the way. Rest assured that no one will be disadvantaged as we implement a new system. As we go forward, you can continue to expect a lot of discussion and we’ll give you plenty of notice before any changes are made. Please make your voices heard and take part in our fleet focus groups that will travel to your home ports this summer and fall. Additionally, you have a direct line to me via email at We need your help to get this right.”

For more news from Chief of Naval Personnel, visit

FY18 O6 Selection Statistics by Specialty

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Here is the specialty specific data:

FLT SRG 0 0 #DIV/0! 6 1 16.67% 2 0 0.00%
RAM 1 1 100.00% 4 0 0.00% 1 0 0.00%
ANESTH 3 2 66.67% 15 0 0.00% 18 0 0.00%
GEN SURG 2 1 50.00% 11 1 9.09% 11 0 0.00%
NEURO SURG 0 0 #DIV/0! 1 0 0.00% 2 0 0.00%
OB GYN 4 2 50.00% 9 2 22.22% 5 0 0.00%
GMO 0 0 #DIV/0! 0 0 #DIV/0! 0 0 #DIV/0!
OPHTH 3 0 0.00% 1 0 0.00% 6 0 0.00%
ORTHO 5 1 20.00% 8 0 0.00% 6 0 0.00%
OTO 4 2 50.00% 6 3 50.00% 6 0 0.00%
URO 3 1 33.33% 1 0 0.00% 7 0 0.00%
PREV MED 1 0 0.00% 3 2 66.67% 8 0 0.00%
OCC MED 0 0 #DIV/0! 5 1 20.00% 1 0 0.00%
PHYS MED 0 0 #DIV/0! 1 1 100.00% 0 0 #DIV/0!
PATH 3 2 66.67% 8 0 0.00% 6 0 0.00%
DERM 0 0 #DIV/0! 4 0 0.00% 2 0 0.00%
EMERG 5 2 40.00% 7 3 42.86% 16 0 0.00%
FAM PRAC 6 1 16.67% 27 3 11.11% 28 0 0.00%
INT MED 5 3 60.00% 23 3 13.04% 21 0 0.00%
NEURO 0 0 #DIV/0! 2 0 0.00% 4 0 0.00%
UMO 2 0 0.00% 4 0 0.00% 2 0 0.00%
PEDS 3 0 0.00% 8 0 0.00% 13 0 0.00%
NUC MED 0 0 #DIV/0! 0 0 #DIV/0! 0 0 #DIV/0!
PSYCH 2 0 0.00% 7 2 28.57% 10 0 0.00%
DIAG RAD 11 5 45.45% 15 4 26.67% 16 1 6.25%
RAD ONC 0 0 #DIV/0! 0 0 #DIV/0! 1 0 0.00%
TOTAL 63 23 36.51% 176 26 14.77% 192 1 0.52%

Family Medicine/Operational Detailer Position Available Now – Millington, TN – O4-O6

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As a recovering Detailer, I strongly encourage anyone looking to promote to O6 consider this position.  Here is the announcement:

Family Practice and Operational Detailer position available now! Seeking LCDRs, CDRs, or CAPTs eligible to move in the summer of 2017. All specialties eligible.

  1. Career Enhancing: ever heard of a detailer that did not make CAPT? We haven’t. This is a high-visibility job that will give you career diversification.
  2. Make a difference: as a detailer assigning positions and providing career counseling, you have the opportunity to positively affect member’s lives and change policy at a high level.
  3. Take a break. Ever thought about life without call or weekend shifts? Remember those things called “3 day weekends” you had back in elementary school?
  4. Stay clinical. All 3 physician detailers stay clinically active.
  5. Memphis! Living in Memphis, the home of the blues, the birthplace of Rock n Roll, and the biggest city in Tennessee, is a blast. Urban offerings (museums, restaurants, night-life, zoo), history (Civil War, Music), outdoor activities (running, hiking, camping, road-biking, canoeing, etc.), and food options (BBQ, Jack Daniels whiskey) abound. Check out this website:
  6. Kids? Live cheaply in a gorgeous neighborhood with one of the best school districts in Tennessee. ( (
  7. Single? Exciting downtown Memphis is only 20 minutes away from Navy Personnel Command.
  8. Spouse? The job market is excellent for spouses in Memphis Tennessee.

If interested, the POC is listed in this Detailing Position Announcement.

Updated BUMED Conference Approval Process

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BLUF: The new Conference Approval Guidance is published on the conference approval website (CAC protected – you need to pick the e-mail certificate to logon).  With the exception of conferences >$100K and those listed as “requiring approval” on the BUMED website, approval authority for conference attendance is delegated to your Regional Commander or MTF Commanding Officer via local policy.  In other words, for most conferences except the really large ones you’ll just route a travel request via DTS like any other trip.

The new memo/guidance is here:

Updated Navy Medicine Conference Guidance – 21 APR 2017

The text from the website is here:


DoD has adopted a very expansive definition of “conference.” Conference is defined as “a meeting, retreat, seminar, symposium, or event that involves attendee travel.” Events within the local duty station that do not require attendee travel (i.e. local conferences) may also qualify as conferences for the purposes of this guidance, if they involve: a commercial venue, multiple agencies and/or non-government participation, formal registration, have scheduled speakers, discussion panels, include ceremonies, and/or feature social events.

**The Navy Medicine Conference Information page is the source for all updates regarding conference policies, instructions, and guidance**

Conference Attendance

Navy Medicine (BSO-18) personnel desiring to attend a conference must review the list of Conferences Requiring BUMED Approval, prior to initiating a travel request. If the conference is on the list, the attendee is required to contact their Specialty Leader and/or the conference submission point of contact to request a quota. If the conference is not on the BUMED Approval Required Conference List, please review guidance under Approved Conferences for requests under $100,000.

*Note: If a conference is not on the list, but you expect it to exceed $100K, please contact the BUMED Conference Approval office.* (

Non BSO-18 personnel (i.e., Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, Fort Belvoir Community Hospital, etc.) are not subject to the requirements of the Navy Medicine conference approval process and should seek funding through their designated funding authority. However, if receiving funding from a BSO-18 entity (i.e., Navy Medicine Professional Development Center), personnel are subject to the requirements of this policy.

Conference Request Deadlines

  • Non-DoD Hosted Conferences:
    • For conferences with a total cost less than $100,000, approval is delegated to the attendee’s Echelon III Commander or Echelon IV Commanding Officer. Personnel should follow local travel policy guidelines and/or procedures.
    • For conferences with a total cost of $100,000-$500,000, Chief, BUMED is the final approval authority. All requests must be submitted to the BUMED Conference Approval Office no later than (90) days prior to the conference start date.
    • For conferences with a total cost greater than $500,000, SECNAV is the final approval authority. All requests must be submitted to the BUMED Conference Approval Office no later than (180) days prior to the conference start date.
  • DoD/DON Hosted Conferences:
    • All requests to host a conference must be submitted to BUMED (180) days prior to the proposed conference start date. Chief, BUMED is the approval authority for hosted conferences under $500,000. SECNAV is the approval authority for hosted conferences over $500,000.

Approved Conferences

  • For requests under $100,000:
    • Approval authority is delegated to the attendee’s Echelon III Commander or Echelon IV Commanding Officer.
    • Approvals should be managed like a TDY/TAD and include approved travel orders. Requests must be reviewed by the servicing legal office for concurrence. Include the updated Navy Medicine Travel Mission Criticality Attestation form (available in the Policy & Guidelines section of this page), signed by the traveler and designated approval authority.
  • For requests $100,000-$500,000:
    • Once a conference has received BUMED approval, the approved attendee roster is the only list of personnel authorized to attend a conference. In order to initiate orders, personnel are required to submit the approved attendee roster, the BUMED approval letter, and the updated Navy Medicine Travel Mission Criticality Attestation form to their travel coordinator.
  • For requests over $500,000:
    • Once a conference has received SECNAV approval, the approved attendee roster is the only list of personnel authorized to attend a conference. In order to initiate orders, personnel are required to submit the approved attendee roster, the SECNAV approval letter, and the Navy Medicine Travel Mission Criticality Attestation form to their travel coordinator.

Approved requests are funded by the command of each requesting attendee or by the command requesting to host a conference. All costs must be paid from an activity’s existing budget authority.

**NOTE: Final approval for attendance is subject to command authorization based on funding availability and mission criticality.**

Basic FY-18 O6 Promotion Board Statistics

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Here are the overall stats for the FY18 O6 board results released yesterday:
Above Zone – 26 selected of 176 eligible – 14.8%
In Zone – 23 of 63 – 36.5%
Below Zone – 1 of 192 – 0.5%

FY-18 Active-Duty Captain Staff Corps Selections

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DTG R 041500Z MAY 17



ALNAV 027/17



RMKS/1. I am pleased to announce the following Staff Corps Officers
on the Active-Duty list for promotion to the permanent grade of

2. This message is not authority to deliver appointments. Authority
to effect promotion will normally be issued by future NAVADMINs
requiring NAVPERS 1421/7 preparation and forwarding of document to

3. Frocking is not authorized for any Officer listed below until
specific authorization is received per SECNAVINST 1420.2A.

4. For proper alphabetical order read from left to right on each
line. The numbers following each name to the right indicate the
relative seniority among selectees within each competitive
category. Members are directed to verify their select status via
BUPERS Online.

Medical Corps

Akintonde Oladapo A 0013 Almond Nathaniel B 0035
Austin Katherine C 0030 Baasen Chad M 0005
Brooks John S 0020 Bui Han Quang 0006
Casey Henry F III 0017 Conley George S 0007
Davis Konrad Leslie 0037 Drew Brendon Geoffrey 0033
Faix Dennis J 0004 Fernandez Nathanial 0043
Forsberg Jonathan A 0049 Furlong David Michael 0045
Gaball Curtis Wesley 0046 Galitz Michael Shawn 0010
Gutierrez Ramiro Luis 0011 Hutcheson Tipton David 0008
Jacobs Michael B 0009 Kane Henry S 0024
Kronmann Karl C 0047 Latimer Kelly M 0012
Littlejohn Lanny F 0018 Matthews Karen Leigh 0015
Maves Ryan C 0026 Meadows Michael L 0002
Metzger Joel R 0039 Mohtashamian Arash 0040
Morrison Michele P 0044 Morton Mark Michael 0029
Mucciarone James J 0031 Mullens Frank Edward 0036
Ochsner Todd Justin 0032 Omalley Kevin Charles 0001
Saperstein Adam Kalen 0034 Schmidt Rolf Kirsten 0041
Schroeder Jason W 0050 Sellers Andrew J 0021
Skelton Sean C 0014 Smith James P 0019
Sweet Jason Douglas 0042 Swiatkowski Sean A 0027
Tepera Christopher M 0038 Tetteh Hassan Adjeafio 0016
Thibodeau Kristopher P 0003 Vincent John Wade 0048
Wauson Matthew J 0028 Way Christopher H 0025
Webster Kedric E 0023 Wise Sean R 0022

Dental Corps

Bleile Jeff Andrew 0007 Bowden Toni Annette 0012
Brown Daniel Allen 0002 Caballero Hector A 0001
Crecelius Christopher 0014 Halquist Tuanh Carson 0011
Hines Thomas Blair Jr 0013 Jenkins Molly Ann 0009
Jones David William 0016 Lee Rebecca Ortenzio 0015
Mayberry Keith Lynn 0003 Osborne Nancy 0010
Petrich Anton 0008 Santos Raoul Hidalgo 0004
Trinh Hien 0006 Zeller Jeffrey G 0005

Medical Service Corps

Andrews Garland H 0015 Arfsten Darryl Phillip 0008
Blighton Gordon Roy 0016 Bohrer Brian Lee 0006
Chapman Stephen Andrew 0017 Chavez Sergio 0018
Enriquez Michael O 0021 Grady William E 0019
Higgins Robert Patrick 0005 Klinger Jeffrey Joseph 0011
Kluegel Bradley C 0014 Lewis Jason Todd 0020
Piner Thomas Jefferson 0009 Schiermeier Paul Scott 0010
Schoen Spencer Todd 0002 Stevens Michael E Jr 0007
Sunman Michael Lee 0012 Thompson Timothy T 0004
Tizon Romeo T Jr 0013 Welsh Eric Richard 0003
Yeager Meredith Lee 0001

Judge Advocate General’s Corps

Beran Matthew Louis 0002 Brewen Marc Scandlyn 0012
Fulton Marcus Neil 0004 Gawronski Stacia Jane 0013
Greer Christopher J 0015 Hopgood Vanessa Claire 0008
Hutchison Frankie D 0001 Larson Amy Kendall 0007
Mccann Kimberley Black 0011 Partridge Heather Dawn 0017
Reyes Stephen Calvo 0014 Rosen Marc Shein 0006
Stephens Jonathan T 0009 Sutton Jeffrey Allen 0010
Wallace Dustin Ernest 0016 Wexler Ian Scott 0003

Nurse Corps

Allanson Michael John 0002 Ashman Randy E 0013
Beard Jessica Denise 0012 Blankenbaker Susanne E 0021
Burkett Jenny Sigel 0026 Castro Alison H 0009
Cather Charles Louis 0010 Clark Daniel W 0016
Currie Carolyn Marie 0004 Desamero Joseph L 0019
Diaz Victor M 0011 Fetherston Robert D 0003
Gomez Joseph Anthony 0022 Gruetzmacher Anna M 0001
Hamilton Harry W 0006 Hartung Charles S 0007
Hurt Bobby Joe 0017 Layton Jason D 0014
Lucero Angelo Paolo 0023 Mcrae Fredora A 0025
Parker Mary Katherine 0018 Prieto Elisabet 0015
Thomas David Van Dyke 0005 Villaire Paul Smith 0020
Voeks Anthony Gerhard 0008 White Gerard J 0024

Supply Corps

Barakat Babak Ali 0013 Billings Roger L 0018
Brown Timothy A 0028 Clark George W III 0009
Day Stuart Morrison 0031 Garrison Roy Morgan 0027
Giles Tony V 0002 Griffin Timothy Robert 0030
Gronberg Troy M 0003 Jefferson Michael N 0001
Kent Blake Warren 0010 Klingenberg Jason E 0012
Kong Bruce 0026 Logan Scott David 0019
Lugo Manuel X 0015 Mahler Christian M 0017
Mazzarella Robert S 0029 Mccormack Michael C 0021
Mckay Joshua Hudson 0020 Meyer Jacqueline M 0004
Pidgeon Edward Daley 0006 Rindy Wade Wallace 0011
Russo Nicholas Robert 0007 Ryker Kenneth W III 0016
Sidibe Kadiatou Fatima 0022 Strauss James Hunter 0005
Strohl Shane Phillip 0024 Waldron Christopher A 0023
Wilhelm Richard H 0008 Wilson Stephen M 0014

Chaplain Corps

Axtell Lee A 0001 Buford Maurice A 0010
Cash Carey Hall 0013 Christian Robert Russ 0012
Coffey Joseph L 0005 Conroe Jon Wallace 0014
Cox Denis Norman 0004 Duesenberry Stephen S 0011
Lee Erik Paul 0015 Malana Judy Takada 0003
Middleton William E 0007 Price Curtis 0002
Vance Robert Jay 0008 Waite Brian Kimball 0009
Winward Mark S 0006

Civil Engineer Corps

Bestafka Thomas M 0001 Brown James Edward 0013
Cavnar Jay Michael 0009 Cho James Jung Hyun 0010
Dieguez Miguel 0004 Hutchison Alexander K 0008
Meek Gordon Eugene III 0002 Miranda Rafael A 0011
Powell Jeffrey Scott 0003 Rang Russell C 0005
Riethmiller Matthew C 0007 Scott Laurie 0006
Stavish Francis Joseph 0012

Limited Duty Officer (Staff)

King Danny Webster 0001

5. Released by Sean J. Stackley, Acting Secretary of the Navy.//

Long-Term Care, Disability, and Umbrella Insurance: Do I Need All of This?

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This video podcast/screencast is a recording of a talk I gave at a national Emergency Medicine conference two months ago.  Bottom line up front:

  • Long-Term Care Insurance – You probably don’t need it if you’re financially disciplined.
  • Disability Insurance – You might need it.
  • Umbrella Liability Insurance – You definitely need it.

Where can you get disability insurance as a military provider?

NOTE: I have no financial relationship with these sites, and there is more information on insurance on this page.


Here are the slides:

Playing the Odds – Long-Term Care, Disability, and Umbrella Insurance – Do I Need All of This?

Here is the screencast: