Updated Fitrep Prep and More Detail on Fitrep and Promo Board Changes from Recent NAVADMIN 137/20

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Because of NAVADMIN 137/20 and the increased focus it put on education in fitness reports, I updated Joel Schofer’s Fitrep Prep. The new portion is on page 15 and spells out the new requirements for block 41, which are spelled out below in detail, but later in the NAVADMIN it says in brief:

(2) For Block 41 (Comments on Performance), document professional 
military education, off-duty education and other educational and learning 
achievements pursued during the reporting period.


It also says this about promotion boards:

We will also update selection board precept and convening order 
guidance to direct board membership to review and brief specific education 
and learning contributions found in the official service records of eligible 
personnel, and to consider these documented accomplishments across the career 
of an individual when deliberating the best and fully qualified selection 
Statutory and administrative selection board presidents will be held 
accountable for ensuring compliance with this guidance in respect to board 


You better make sure you do some of this stuff and put it in your block 41, which I think would include CME/continuing education, JPME, Master’s degrees, service schools, and just about any other education related to your position that you do.

Here’s the detailed/longer portion of the NAVADMIN about fitreps:

3.  To support these goals, and in conjunction with MyNavyHR efforts to 
integrate education effectively into Sailor 2025 talent management 
initiatives, FITREPs will include specific comments regarding education, 
learning and support for a learning culture.
This requirement will allow us to identify, select and reward those officers 
who have demonstrated the commitment and ability to learn, as well as those 
who encourage and support the learning of others, by placing them into 
positions of influence at the tactical, operational and strategic levels.
    a.  Reporting Seniors must document:
        (1) All personal achievements in education and learning that 
contribute to a culture of continuous learning, improved knowledge and 
warfighting effectiveness at both the individual and unit level.
Resources include:
            (a) Resident and non-resident professional military education 
            (b) Professional and academic qualifications and certifications,
            (c) Civilian education coursework,
            (d) A personal reading program that includes (but is not limited 
to) selections from the Chief of Naval Operations Reading List,
            (e) Participation in discussion groups and military societies,
            (f) Publishing in national security or military journals, and
            (g) Involvement in learning through new technologies.

For purposes of this NAVADMIN, military societies are organizations that 
exist specifically to support education, training and professional 
development of personnel in a given community.  The definition of military 
societies does not include associations intended to promote the morale or 
general well-being of Service Members.

        (2) Individual commitment to intellectual growth in ways beneficial 
to the Navy, including rigorous self-assessment and efforts to improve:
            (a) Leadership,
            (b) Decision making,
            (c) Creativity,
            (d) Analytic ability,
            (e) Commitment to ethics,
            (f) Geopolitical awareness, and
            (g) Understanding of emerging military technologies and complex 
military operations.
        (3) The effort of the individual to support the continuing education 
of subordinates they command or supervise.
        (4) The degree to which the officer continued to assess self, develop 
professionally, improve current skills and knowledge and acquire new skills.
        (5) The extent to which these achievements increase the breadth and 
depth of warfighting and leadership aptitude.

3 thoughts on “Updated Fitrep Prep and More Detail on Fitrep and Promo Board Changes from Recent NAVADMIN 137/20

    Lanny Littlejohn said:
    May 10, 2020 at 12:00

    Thanks for this summary Joel…this is becoming real


    Ethan Bernstein said:
    May 13, 2020 at 09:57

    Dr. Schofer, this update to the promotion system seems like a reversal to the DOD instruction 6000.13 release in December 2015. 6000.13 removed service credit for those of us who had a masters degree prior to entering USUHS or HPSP. I for example have a MPH and tried to apply this credit when I graduated from USUHS in 2016, but was rejected by the Naval Board of Appeals. Do you think this new instruction will now allow for time in service credit or change out promotion time table? Thank you for your insight and always sharing great information! V/r Ethan


      Joel Schofer, MD, MBA, CPE responded:
      May 13, 2020 at 10:02

      I hear what you are saying, but there is no way a Navy policy would update a DoD policy. That’s the reverse of the way it works.


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