Naval Postgraduate School Executive MBA Call for Applications for SEPT 2020 Start

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(The new MC career path sets the expectation of a management degree to get senior leadership positions…here’s one that’s free except for books, which probably cost me less than $1,000 in total when I did it from 2012-2014.)

Call for Applications

Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA)

Graduate School of Defense Management

Commencing September 2020

Distance Learning Program using a Web-based, Virtual Classroom Environment

The EMBA is a nonresident, part-time online program for military officers O-4 and senior (O-3 admitted by waiver), federal employees GS-12 and senior or equivalent, and qualified defense contractors. During this 24-month distance-learning program, students acquire the latest knowledge and skills in financial management, acquisition, program management, policymaking, and decision-making. The team-based curriculum includes the latest in defense relevant studies. Students who complete the degree program also earn DAU Level II equivalencies for all program management functional training.

Courses are delivered over the Internet using a web-based, virtual classroom tool with synchronous, real-time interaction between faculty and students. These online technologies use collaborative communication tools that deliver learning opportunities to students regardless of geographical location. Students participate in class one day per week, approximately 6-7 hours per day. To use the virtual classroom, students will need Internet access and audio-video capabilities suitable for web-enabled interactions with instructors and other students.

There are two one-week residency requirements at the NPS campus in Monterey, CA. The EMBA program starts with the first one-week residency requirement which includes an orientation and a graduate-level course. The second one-week of resident instruction is required during year two of the program. Other than these two visits to NPS, students complete all instruction from their home locations. Eligible active duty Naval officers have no cost except for the requirement to purchase textbooks and course materials.

Completed Application Packets are due by 6 July 2020

Please visit the EMBA website at for more information or contact EMBA Administration at or (831) 656-2562. Program information briefings for potential sponsors and students are available upon request.

(PDF – EMBA Call for Applications start SEP20_AY21)

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