Finance Friday Articles

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This one from Forbes is certainly interesting:

Valentine’s Day Massacre: U.S. Navy Eliminating $40 Billion In 6 Weeks


Here are my favorites this week:

Fiology: The Study of Financial Independence (FI)

High Earner Not Rich Yet – How to Avoid Becoming a HENRY

The Benefits of a Fixed Asset Allocation Portfolio


Here are the rest of the articles:

8 Perks of Being a Side Hustle Business Owner

Adding Up the Costs of Your Investments

Choosing Life (Insurance)

Dealing With the Guilt of Early Retirement

Disability Insurance: Your Plan B to Passive Income

FarmTogether Review: A New Investment Platform

Garbage Time

How to prepare your portfolio for the coronavirus outbreak

Inflation-Adjusted Annuities No Longer Available: Now What?

Keep On Keepin’ On

Losing My Balance – Should You Still Invest in Bonds?


Physician Mortgage Loans 2020

Some Lessons From 92 Years of Market Return Data

Student Loan Refinance Ladder: A Case Study

The Biggest Problem in Finance?

The Biggest Risk in Crypto Today

The Biggest Wealth Levers

The Courage To Be Disliked: Change Your Life Because You Can

The Getting Rich Quadrant

The Importance of a Legacy Binder: The “ICE” Binder

The Price of Admission

Top 5 Ways to Spot (and Avoid) Investment Scams

When You Were Born > Everything Else

Who Owns Stock in America? The Answer May Surprise You

You Will Always Regret Sacrificing Love For Money

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