2020 State of the Blog, the Facebook Group, and The Book

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At the beginning of every year I give a general update on how the blog is doing. Enjoy!


As during previous years, profit was negative $99. I make no money on this, and it costs me $99/year.

Blog Traffic

Here’s a graph of blog traffic since the blog was started in mid-2015:

Screen Shot 2019-12-30 at 7.38.04 AM

The lighter color is page views and the darker color is visitors:

  • 2015 – 3,705 visitors viewed 10,870 pages with 66 posts published
  • 2016 – 18,373 visitors viewed 43,673 pages with 133 posts published
  • 2017 – 32,569 visitors viewed 88,263 pages with 194 posts published
  • 2018 – 56,674 visitors viewed 151,044 pages with 212 posts published
  • 2019 – 60,771 visitors viewed 169,684 pages with 371 posts published

10 Most Popular Blog Posts and Pages in 2019

Here are the 10 most popular pages and posts in 2019:

  1. Joel Schofer’s Promo Prep – 4,065 views
  2. LCDR Fitreps – Language for Writing Your Block 41 – 3,682 views
  3. Joel Schofer’s Fitrep Prep – 3,035 views
  4. Useful Documents – 2,791 views
  5. POM20 Navy Medicine Billet Reduction – 2,556 views
  6. CV, Military Bio, and Letter of Intent Templates – 2,367 views
  7. Useful Links – 1,989 views
  8. Personal Finance – 1,407 views
  9. What are AQDs and How Do You Get Them? – 1,223 views
  10. About Me – 1,083 views

MCCareer.org Private Facebook Group

Some of the blogs I read have vibrant forums and Facebook groups where members interact and ask each other questions. I once started a forum on MCCareer.org, but no one used it so I folded it up. I still have a private Facebook group, though, with over 260 members.

Despite people joining the Facebook group, no one ever posts comments or questions to it. I think there’s only been one in two years. Plenty of people contact me individually to ask questions, so I know there are a lot of questions out there. In 2020, I’d encourage readers to use the Facebook group to get opinions and answers from people other than me.

MCCareer.org “The Book”

Very slowly we’ve been posting “chapters” to the MCCareer.org “book.” Book is in quotes because it really isn’t a book, but more of a collection of on-line posts or chapters. Interest in writing “chapters” has been low so far, although a few authors other than me have pitched in. Most chapters thus far have been written by me.

I’ve begun the process of adding all of my posts to the book page, as you’ll see if you take a look. Slowly but surely I’ll fill out the content outline with what I’ve already written, and if there are holes I’ll write content to fill it in.

I considered creating a wiki page instead, but I’m not willing to give up editorial control. Occasionally someone will post something inappropriate to the blog, and I need to make sure nothing gets posted that would derail my Naval career.

Check out “The Book” when you get a chance and see if there is something you’d be interested in contributing. If there is, contact me.

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