Navy Global Health Specialist Program

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Here is a message from the Director, Office of Global Health Engagement (M96).  Note that there are a number of documents at the end of the message:

It is with great pleasure that I announce the establishment of the Navy Global Health Specialist Program (GHSP) signed by VADM Faison on 17 February 2017. Over the years so many have supported these efforts and have been committed to making this very moment come to fruition, and for that I live eternally in the “Red”.

As you are aware, the Services man, train, and equip, and through the GHSP we will do just that. As a community, GHE doesn’t own planes, trains, boats or automobiles per se, but we have the most valuable asset of all, and that is you. We are ensuring we have the most highly trained personnel to man the most critical billets, engagements or missions wherever the need arises. As you may notice I say “we” in much of my writing because I am well aware that all of our triumphs are the result of a collective effort and are truly a shared experience, and this achievement is no different.

The Navy Medicine seeks to create a strong community, a collective, a family of like­minded professionals who are on the front lines of positive change, creating stability and security for the U.S. and our allies. To this end, we have established an Education & Training (E&T)/Professional Development section as a part of the GHSP. This section will support us in obtaining continuing education and professional development opportunities from both civilian and military organizations to ensure we remain on the cutting edge of geopolitical and economic issues that impact our mission and the work we do. This section will also support personnel who wish to join the community, as well as those who wish to develop and advance their skills (see March GHE Professional Development Update).

I understand GHE is not for everyone, but to those few who see challenges as an adventure and a way of life, who understand diplomacy isn’t just a 9­-5 job, that what you say and how you say it can determine our success or failure and that the world’s toughest environments may be the gateway to peace and stability, I say apply, welcome aboard and let the journey begin.

The official GHS AQD and Program application will be released on 15 April 2017, and we are accepting applications in phases (see phases below). All applicants who meet the requirements will be awarded the GHS AQD and stratified into GHS Associate or Professional eligible.

We will be hosting four 30 min information calls in April and again in May to provide guidance and answer questions for the application process. If you wish to participate in one of these calls, please email us at usn.ncr.bumedfchva.mbx.ghe­ and we will placed you on the GHE Community distribution email list to provide you call in details. When you email, please place in the subject line, “GHE Distro List” and in the body of the email provide your name, rank, corp, current command, position, phone contact, and an alternative email (optional).

I am truly excited to be a part of the world’s greatest Navy, and I ask each of you to stay with us and as always, stay ENGAGED!

Phase 1: 1 – 31 May for past and current members on the GHEO billet files, Fleet, and MARFORS.

Phase 2: 1 ­- 30 June for officers currently posted in the research, public health, Hospital Ships, and COCOM communities

Phase 3: 15 July and onward are general acceptances

Carlos D. Williams, MD, MPH, MBA


GHE Community Core Competencies Info Sheet

GHE Professional Development Update March 2017

Global Health Specialist Program Information Sheet

GHS Community FAQ 2017

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