OIC of Medical Readiness Division for Commander, Naval Surface Forces Pacific – O5/O6

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The POC if you are interested in this position is your Specialty Leader or Detailer.


POSITION TITLE: Officer in Charge (OIC)

INTRODUCTION: The position is graded at the O-6 (Captain) level but is an ideal position for an 0-5 (Commander) desiring to demonstrate leadership abilities worthy of promotion to the 0-6 level. Individuals who fill this position have documented requisite training and experience and have successfully been screened and selected by the Force Surgeon, Naval Surface Forces Pacific. Incumbents are normally assigned for a three (3) year period.


  • Medical Corps Officer with prior shipboard experience as a Senior Medical Officer (SMO) on an amphibious ship preferably LHD/LHA.
  • Surface Warfare Medical Department Officer (SWMDO) qualified
  • Minimum rank required 0-5


  • Leadership and management experience in history of assignments that demonstrates readiness for this position.
  • Working knowledge of Surface Forces organizational structure, functions, and inter-relations.
  • Experienced and knowledgeable on matters of shipboard administration and management of ship medical departments.
  • Experience with the Medical Readiness Inspection process and management of equipment and material readiness.
  • Familiarity with Navy Medicine’s medical privileging and quality assurance programs.
  • Working knowledge of the Independent Duty Corpsman (IDC) program.
  • Proven communication (written and verbal) and team-building skills.
  • Ability to promote morale and teamwork.
  • General knowledge of military and civilian personnel management procedures.


  • The incumbent’s immediate Reporting Senior is the Force Surgeon, Commander Naval Surface Forces Pacific.
  • The incumbent exercises complete and independent administrative and managerial control over assigned military and civilian employees assigned to MRD. (NOTE: Performance is evaluated in terms of objectives, methods, and results in meeting organization mission/goals).
  • Incumbent is guided in the performance of duties by pertinent laws and regulatory requirements, higher echelon, and local command instructions, guidance and policy statements.

SCOPE AND EFFECT: The activities of this position include evaluation personnel quantity, quality, and assignment priorities in support of health care activities and support services; maintaining facility, personnel, and material readiness; formulation and execution of manpower requirements and budgetary plans; execution of high echelon directives, and development / execution of local directives in support of the organization’s mission; stimulates and coordinates performance improvement activities. Decisions directly impact all staff (military and civilian) personnel assigned.


  • Leads MRD San Diego in ensuring over 66 ships and units maintain the highest state of medical readiness and that they adhere to prescribed medical standards.
  • Oversees the Medical Readiness Inspection (MRI) program for the assigned afloat Medical Departments and units.
  • Ensures Medical Departments are materially ready to deploy and notifies Force Surgeon of any equipment discrepancies.
  • Provides support, advice and mentorship to 6 junior Medical Officers in their oversight of 66 shipboard IDCs ensuring compliance with Surface Forces policies and procedures.
  • Ensures medical privileging and quality assurance programs are adhered to for assigned medical personnel.
  • Provides oversight to the 9 Senior Medical Inspector IDCs (SMIs) assigned to MRD; monitors compliance with the IDC program requirements.
  • Ensures IDC SMIs complete monthly quality assurance visits to their assigned ships consistent with guiding instructions.
  • Assists Force Surgeon in updating instructions as requested. (i) Formulates and submits annual budget for MRD to the Force Surgeon
  • Other duties as assigned by the Force Surgeon

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