FY17 CDR Promotion Board Basic Stats

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Here are the promotion board statistics from the FY17 O5 board released yesterday:

  • Below Zone – 0 officers selected/382 eligible – 0% selection rate
  • In Zone – 85 officers selected/192 eligible – 44% selection rate
  • Above Zone – 40 officers selected/129 eligible – 31% selection rate

You can find an introduction to promotion board math here, but the basics for this specific board were:

  • The overall promotion opportunity was 65%, the lowest in years. Why was it so low? The short answer is that the promotion opportunity is selected as a force management tool. In other words, someone somewhere decided that 65% was the right number to right size the Medical Corps.
  • The number of in zone officers was 192.
  • Multiply 65% by 192 and you have 125 officers they could select, which is exactly how many they picked.

I’ll put together an updated post on what to do if you didn’t promote, and one on what to do if you did, but here is the old one for those not selected for promotion.

One thought on “FY17 CDR Promotion Board Basic Stats

    […] that it is not the end of the world. Based on the FY 17 CDR promotion board statistics, 56% of in zone officers were passed over, but a large number of the officers selected were from […]


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