Throwback Thursday Classic Post – CV, Military Bio, and Letter of Intent Templates

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Every nominative position requires you to submit a CV, military bio, and letter of intent (LOI), so I always have these documents ready. People are always e-mailing me and asking for templates, so here are some Word documents you can use as you see fit. I’ll also put them in the Useful Documents page.

For CVs there are many, many acceptable formats.  Here is my personal CV:

CAPT Schofer CV – 5 MAY 2020

Here is my military bio:

CAPT Schofer Military Bio – 5 MAY 2020

Here is an old LOI I’ve used:

CDR Schofer LOI

Here is a LOI template created by CDR Melissa Austin when she was an EA:

LOI Template

Here are the BUMED templates if you want a slightly different flavor:

CV Example – BUMED

Letter of Intent Example – BUMED

Military Biography Example – BUMED

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