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Guest Post – How to Get the New Blended Retirement System Continuation Pay

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by Dr. Caroline Schlocker

There is very little information available on how a service member applies for continuation pay (CP) under the Blended Retirement System. MILPERSMAN 1810-081 provides some detail but does not mention the NSIPS requirement.

There are two items to complete in order to opt-­in to CP:

  1. Fill out the appropriate section in NSIPS. Here is a go­-by with PPI­ scrubbed screenshots.
  2. Through the Command Career Counselor office, have a NAVPERS 1070/613 generated and verified. It looks like this:

NAVPERS 1070:613

This needs to be sent by the Command Career Counselor Office to NAVPERSCOM (PERS­-8) or the servicing PSD if access through the Navy Personnel System is unavailable.

The decision to opt­-in to CP must occur between years 8­-12 of military service. Once a person hits the 12 year mark, the decision is irrevocable. If you have not done the above steps by your 12 year mark, you will not be able to obtain CP. CP incurs a four year payback that is served concurrently with other service obligations.