O5/O6 Leadership Opportunities for Summer 2016

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Below are multiple opportunities for CDRs and CAPTs.  The POC for anyone interested in any of these opportunities is your Detailer:

  • Multiple USMC leadership opportunities are available in summer 2016.  Requirements include at least 1 prior successful FMF tour (FMFWO preferred), a track record of successful leadership roles, and no recent BCA/PFA failures (currently meets USMC fitness/uniform standards).  Interested officers need to be eligible to PCS in Summer 2016.  Anyone interested should send their CV and military bio to their Detailer by COB September 2nd:
USMC Medical Corps Leadership
Billet Date of Position Turnover
HQMC Health Services
Deputy Director Health Services, HQMC Jul 2016
Director of Clinical Programs Jul 2016
Director of Public Health Jul 2016
II Marine Expeditionary Force
2d MLG Surgeon Jul 2016
2d Marine Division Surgeon Jul 2016
I Marine Expeditionary Force
I MEF Surgeon Jul 2016
1st Mar Division Surgeon Jul 2016
3d Marine Air Wing Surgeon Jan 2016
III Marine Expeditionary Force
3rd Marine Division Surgeon Jul 2016
1st Marine Aircraft Wing Surgeon Jul 2016
  • The Director, Defense Health Agency (DHA) requests Service nominations to fill the 0-6 level position of Chief of Staff, Fort Belvoir Community Hospital (FBCH).  The position resides in the National Capital Region Medical Directorate (NCR MD) and the officer reports to the Director, FBCH.  The duty station is Fort Belvoir, VA.  The selected officer should plan to arrive in July 2016.  Selected individual is expected to serve in the position for a minimum of 2 years from date of arrival at the DHA NCR MD.  Anyone interested should send their CV and military bio to their Detailer by COB September 14th.

FY16 CAPT Promotion Board Statistics

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People really enjoyed seeing the FY16 CDR promotion stats and I got requests for the same stats for the CAPT promotion board.  Here they are:

ABOVE ZONE 155 11 7.10%
IN ZONE 101 39 38.61%
BELOW ZONE 164 1 0.61%


FLT SRG 0 0 N/A 9 0 0.00% 0 0 N/A
RAM 2 0 0.00% 9 0 0.00% 3 0 0.00%
ANESTH 13 2 15.38% 10 0 0.00% 13 0 0.00%
SURG 6 3 50.00% 9 0 0.00% 7 0 0.00%
NEURO SURG 0 0 N/A 2 0 0.00% 2 0 0.00%
OB GYN 4 3 75.00% 11 1 9.09% 10 0 0.00%
GMO 0 0 N/A 0 0 N/A 0 0 N/A
OPHTH 0 0 N/A 2 0 0.00% 5 0 0.00%
ORTHO 7 2 28.57% 10 0 0.00% 12 0 0.00%
OTO 3 1 33.33% 2 0 0.00% 8 0 0.00%
URO 0 0 N/A 1 0 0.00% 4 0 0.00%
PREV MED 1 0 0.00% 3 0 0.00% 2 0 0.00%
OCC MED 4 3 75.00% 4 0 0.00% 4 0 0.00%
PHYS MED 1 0 0.00% 0 0 N/A 0 0 N/A
PATH 2 1 50.00% 9 0 0.00% 5 0 0.00%
DERM 5 2 40.00% 0 0 N/A 2 0 0.00%
EMERG 8 4 50.00% 7 0 0.00% 11 0 0.00%
FAM PRAC 9 4 44.44% 28 4 14.29% 15 0 0.00%
INT MED 18 7 38.89% 10 1 10.00% 20 1 5.00%
NEURO 0 0 N/A 2 0 0.00% 0 0 N/A
UMO 4 0 0.00% 1 0 0.00% 2 0 0.00%
PEDS 4 2 50.00% 9 2 22.22% 9 0 0.00%
NUC MED 0 0 N/A 0 0 N/A 0 0 N/A
PSYCH 4 2 50.00% 2 0 0.00% 8 0 0.00%
DIAG RAD 6 3 50.00% 14 3 21.43% 21 0 0.00%
RAD ONC 0 0 N/A 1 0 0.00% 1 0 0.00%
TOTAL 101 39 38.61% 155 11 7.10% 164 1 0.61%

FY16 XO/CO Screening Board NAVADMIN Released

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Here is the recently released NAVADMIN for the BUMED XO/CO Screening Board.  Applications are due by 7/31/15 to be considered.  Although only Captains can apply, anyone contemplating a future in executive medicine should take a look at the NAVADMIN and the references it points you to so that you have an idea what kind of things you need to do to be considered.

FY16 XO:CO Screening Board NAVADMIN

Is Commander the New Terminal Rank? (And Other O6 Promotion Board Takeaways)

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In case you haven’t figured it out yet, it is getting harder to promote to Captain. Here are the historical promotion opportunities for O6. You don’t have to be a mathematician to notice the trend:

  FY08 FY09 FY10 FY11 FY12 FY13 FY14 FY15 FY16
CAPT 80% 80% 80% 80% 80% 60% 60% 60% 50%

There are a lot of physicians who came into the Navy when it was relatively easy for a physician to promote to Captain. If you could fog a mirror, you could likely promote. Well…things seem to have changed.

This has frustrated some physicians who failed to promote and is likely to frustrate more in the future. Aside from getting frustrated, though, it would benefit all involved if they could learn from this trend and try to adjust while there is still time. Here are my O6 promotion board takeaways:

  • It is now normal when you fail to select for Captain the first time. In the FY16 board only 39% of Commanders who were in zone were promoted, leaving 61%, a clear majority, who did not. Physicians should expect to fail to select or “get passed over” the first time they are up for O6.
  • Commander is the new terminal rank for full-time clinicians, and there’s nothing wrong with that. If the thought of taking on a significant collateral duty makes you want to cringe because you want to remain a full-time clinician during your time as an O5, you have likely reached your terminal rank. Physicians get very frustrated when they fail to promote to O6, thinking that the Navy doesn’t value clinical productivity, and this is just not true. The Navy does value clinical productivity, it just doesn’t think that they need to be Captains! The Captain rank has moved from being a reward attained by most physicians who hang around long enough to a reward for those with senior leadership potential.
  • The overwhelming majority of Commanders who promote to O6 take on a significant collateral duty. Whether they were a department head at a large MTF, a specialty leader, a residency director, a director, president of ECOMS, or in a senior operational role, they all had to pay their dues in these roles in order to score the EPs on their fitreps that allowed them to promote. These roles almost always necessitate a reduction in clinical activity, which is why you are less likely to promote to O6 as a full-time clinician.
  • Having only one competitive EP fitrep before the promotion board is often not enough. At some of the larger MTFs it can take quite a while to “break out” from the pack of Commanders and get an EP on your fitrep. If you are lucky enough to get an EP but you only slide one in before you are in zone, it may not be enough. As the competition heats up, it is the people with multiple competitive EPs that will be in the best position to promote.
  • You need to demonstrate career diversity while not hurting your chances to promote. The best time to mix it up is right after you are selected for Commander. You are finally senior enough to get a decent position at an operational command, BUMED, PERS, or some other alternative command. If instead of mixing it up you stay were you are, you will be the new, small fish in the largest pond in the Navy, the Commander fitrep competitive group. No matter what you do you are probably going to get promotable fitreps for a few years. You might as well use those years to break things up, PCS (even locally to an operational command – I’m not saying you have to move), and demonstrate to the Navy that you are willing to flex for the needs of the Navy. You may get 1/1 EP fitreps but while you are a junior commander this is unlikely to hurt you. Then once you are done with that tour, you can return to a larger competitive group and compete for one of the aforementioned jobs if you have making O6 on your radar.