O5 Promotion Opportunity Up to 75%!

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Here is the convening order, where you’ll see that the promotion opportunity is 75% (up from 65% last year):


Here are the members of the board:


Navy Ends Online GMT Requirements

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From Chief of Naval Personnel

WASHINGTON (NNS) — The Navy announced Monday that effective immediately, Sailors will no longer be required to log onto Navy Knowledge Online, Navy eLearning or My Navy Portal to complete General Military Training (GMT) for any topic except Cybersecurity as outlined in NAVADMIN 072/17.

Chief of Naval Personnel Vice Adm. Robert Burke said that during Fleet visits he often hears Sailors say online training is ineffective and impersonal. This effort, he said, is aimed at improving leader engagement opportunity, reducing administrative distractions and addressing Sailor’s frustration with current online training products.

“I want Sailors to know we’ve heard them,” Burke said. “This is about restoring an important leader engagement opportunity – an opportunity to talk about integrity, accountability and character, something today’s online products are missing. There is no doubt this approach will yield an even greater competitive edge for the Navy.”

While there are still annual GMT requirements, individual commands now have the flexibility to complete required training when and how they see fit. Existing training materials will remain on Navy eLearning and My Navy Portal, providing an outline for commands to use.

To maximize training effectiveness, units should look to conduct GMT in small groups, which will allow leaders to engage Sailors with meaningful discussion and focus on character, as part of the Navy’s continuing Fleet-centered leader development.

Going forward, the Navy plans to overhaul GMT and other on-line eLearning products to make them more engaging and personalized, but not at the expense of leadership engagement, Burke said.

While Suicide Awareness, Equal Opportunity and Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault Prevention and Response training may require a more formal setting, and may benefit from supplementation by existing seminar discussion material available from “Chart the Course” or “Full Speed Ahead” training, other topics such as Records Management, Operations Security, and Privacy and PII, can be conducted at quarters, all-hands calls, divisional training using existing learning objectives and material to elicit discussion to the point that the leader is satisfied that the learning objectives are understood.

While there is no requirement to document the completion of GMT in the Navy eLearning Learning Management System, Commands are encouraged to keep local records. The Cyber Awareness Challenge V4 (DOD-IAA-V14.0) can be found on Navy Knowledge Online, Navy eLearning or My Navy Portal.

To learn more, please view NAVADMIN 072/17.

For more news from Chief of Naval Personnel, visit http://www.navy.mil/local/cnp/.

Transition from NKO to My Navy Portal on 14 APR 2017

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Navy Knowledge On-Line is being retired 14 APR 2017 and the Navy is transitioning to My Navy Portal:


Here’s a Powerpoint that shows you the transition visually:

NKO Retirement

Global Health Specialist Program

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BUMED recently put out BUMED INSTRUCTION 6000.17 – Global Health Specialist Program.  It explains the Global Health Specialist Program, details which billets/jobs are in the program, and how to get the new AQD.

If you need a refresher on how to get an AQD, read What are AQDs and How Do You Get Them?

Director of Surgical Services, Naval Hospital Camp Lejeune – O5/O6

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The Commanding Officer, Naval Hospital, Camp Lejeune, is seeking applicants for the position of Director of Surgical Services. The successful candidate will be a senior O-5 or O-6 in the Medical Corps, Nurse Corps, or Medical Service Corps. He or she will be an articulate, intelligent and team-oriented individual with MTF leadership experience ready to lead the Directorate and serve on the Board of Directors by 15 June 2017. The position requires a visionary who is skilled at the balance of keeping the directorate aligned with the Commanding Officer’s guidance while simultaneously managing civilian, contract and active duty personnel, multiple surgical departments, the main operating room, sterile processing department, a robust obstetric service, several training programs, while sustaining national accreditation and certifications.

The Director of Surgical Services is a full time position. However, there is opportunity and it is strongly encouraged to continue using one’s clinical skill set on a part-time basis.

The Directorate leadership consists of the Director, the Deputy Director, a junior officer Business Manager, and a Senior Enlisted Leader.

The position is open to officers of all Corps at the O-5/O-6 level. Individuals not already resident in the Camp Lejeune area will need to be available for a May or June 2017 PCS move, in anticipation of a full three year assignment.

The preferred candidate will have the following attributes:

  1. A track record of proven performance in MTF and operational leadership positions, including military, civilian, and contract oversight
  2. Significant organizational, interpersonal, communicative, and collaborative skills
  3. Proven record in program oversight and management, including fiscal stewardship and accountability
  4. Superior military bearing.

Candidates should be available for interviews (in person or VTC) in mid April 2016. Interested candidates should check this position description for instructions to be considered:

Director of Surgical Services Vacancy NHCL 2017

How to Resign Worry Free

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Recently Navy Personnel Command (PERS) has started enforcing some policies that had largely been ignored, and I’ve heard a few horror stories from people trying to resign from the Navy.  With that in mind, here is how you can resign without encountering problems.  Assuming that you’ve already decided to resign, here are the steps you need to take to make sure the ride is not a bumpy one.

STEP 1 – Confirm Your Obligated Service Date

There’s nothing like thinking you are eligible to get out only to find out that you are not.  Your Detailer is your POC to figure out when you are eligible to resign.

STEP 2 – Negotiate Your Date of Resignation and Terminal Leave With Your Command

When you submit a resignation request to PERS, you specify the month you want to resign.  The specific date and how much leave you get is between you and your command, not PERS.  You need to approach your chain of command about the specific date you want to resign and how much leave they’ll give you.

STEP 3 – Submit Your Paperwork 9-12 Months Ahead of Your Desired Month of Resignation

This has always been the required timeline, but last minute requests were accommodated.  Not anymore!  PERS has recently reminded people of this timeline and widely advertised that any requests received less than 6 months before the desired resignation date will be returned to the officer and not processed.  Because of this, you need to make your decision and then stick to the 9-12 month timeline.  In addition, if you get within 6 months of your projected rotation date (PRD) and have not notified your Detailer of your intention to resign, he/she can write you orders whether you want to stay in or not!  Don’t tempt the Detailer.

If you are deploying and you’ll be gone during this timeframe, you need to get the paperwork ready before you leave.  You can’t submit a request more than 12 months early, but you can certainly have it ready to go so that you submit it when you hit the 9-12 month window.

STEP 4 – Track the Progress of Your Request Weekly

The Navy is filled with officers who did not track the progress of their request and paid the price.  Because your request has to go to PERS with the endorsement of your CO, it needs to go various places at your command before it is submitted.  Realize that each stop in the chain of command is a potential place for it to get lost.

STEP 5 – Make Sure Your Request is Submitted to PERS

Most officers will have a personnel department of some kind that will submit their request for them, but just in case you don’t, here are the official instructions for how to submit the request from the PERS resignation website:

“Resignation requests can be mailed to PERS-834F to the address listed below, by fax, or sent in PDF format by email to PERS-834F@navy.mil. Email submissions are highly recommended and preferred. All requests must be submitted 9-12 months prior to the desired separation date.”

Address/Fax (Please adhere to PII requirements when sending documentation):

MILLINGTON TN 38055-8340

PERS-834F fax number: (901) 874-2625

STEP 6 – Make Sure Your Request was Received by PERS

Again, from the PERS website:

“After sending your resignation request to PERS-834F, you and your current Command will receive confirmation via message traffic and BOL that your request has been received for processing. If you do not receive confirmation within 2 WEEKS after your Command has forwarded your request to PERS-834F, please call NPC’s customer service call center, 1-866-827-5672 for routing to PERS-834F.”

STEP 7 – Check to Make Sure There are No Issues Every Few Months

This will probably make the Detailers cringe, but oh well.  It is their job to serve as your advocate, and I think you should touch base with them every two months or so until you have released resignation orders in your hand.

That’s it!  If you’re looking for templates for your request, you can find them here.