Election 2020: What Servicemembers Can and Can’t Do

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Here’s a link to this article from MOAA:

Election 2020: What Servicemembers Can and Can’t Do

Here’s a summary from BUMED:

As we are in the middle of an election cycle, your BUMED Ethics Counselors wanted to ensure all hands have the most recent guidance concerning political activities.  We encourage you to read the attached information, which includes guidance applicable to telework. 

General reminders:

While teleworking, employees are on duty.  Therefore, employees may not use their personal computer or personal mobile phone to participate in political activity, including sharing a partisan political party message or re-tweeting an endorsement of a political candidate. 

Employees are prohibited from using Government-issued office equipment, email, and internet at any time for the purpose of engaging in political activities.

Active duty military members and further restricted civilian employees are prohibited from participating in partisan political activity.  These employees may “follow” or “like” a political party or candidate running for partisan office, but they may not post links to, “share”, or “re-tweet” comments from a candidate’s or political party’s Facebook page or Twitter account, as such activity is deemed to constitute participation in political activities.

Service members must also be careful not to comment, post, or link to material that violates the UCMJ or Service regulations.  For example, showing contempt for public officials or posting unprofessional material that is prejudicial to good order and discipline. 

Please see the attached guidance for more information and examples of permissible and prohibited activities:

Bioethical and Legal Considerations Webinar Changed to 23 APR

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The Bioethical and Legal Considerations During the COVID-19 Pandemic for Health Care Providers Special Feature Webinar is rescheduled to 23 April 2020. The Special Feature Webinar will take place from 1400-1600 (ET) and is completely virtual allowing participants to earn up to 2.0 Continuing Education/Continuing Medical Education (CE/CME) credits from anywhere in the world! Please note that the Special Feature Webinar is open to Department of Defense (DoD) and Federal Partners only!

To register for the event, please visit the following link:
*Access Code:*485021

The live webinar will discuss bioethical principles, ethical frameworks, legal considerations, and highlight case studies/problem-based discussions for Military Health System (MHS) health care providers during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic.

SECDEF’s Guidance on Ethical Conduct and Political Activities

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Tis the season of politics, so the SECDEF put the following 2 pager out regarding ethical conduct and political activities: