Getting Your Annual CFE (Continuing Financial Education)

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We are all required to get continuing medical education or CME.  Just as important, however, is continuing financial education (CFE).  I’m as busy as the next guy, but I am able to stay reasonably up to date on all aspects of personal finance that are relevant to my situation.  Thanks to podcasts, blogs, RSS readers, Facebook, and good old fashioned books, it is easy to stay up to date.  Here are some resources I recommend:

  • Jonathan Clements Money Guide 2016 and his annual updates. Mr. Clements was a personal finance columnist for The Wall Street Journal, has written many financial books, and has a stellar reputation.  He offers solid, no-nonsense advice and covers every topic I can imagine in this guide.  Since he updates the book annually, reading it is a guaranteed way to keep up to date on personal finance.  In addition, he has a blog at that you can follow, and a Facebook site as well.
  • The White Coat Investor.  This website is free and contains a wealth of information on personal finance topics.  Founded by a physician, this site is specific to high-income professionals and often focuses on physicians.  There are usually three posts per week, and you can follow on Facebook, e-mail, RSS reader, or by manually checking the blog.  If you have questions on any aspect of personal finance, you can probably find a physician-focused answer on this site.
  • Vanguard.  The Vanguard blog and Investment Commentary podcast focus on the low-cost, passive, index fund investing that have made Vanguard the king of investment companies.  The blog is an excellent source of contemporary investment information and current market trends.  The podcasts occur monthly and are usually less than 15 minutes in length, making them easily digestible by busy physicians.
  • Wealthfront Blog.  Written by Burton Malkiel, acclaimed author of A Random Walk Down Wall Street, and other well respected financial writers, this blog is an excellent source of investing information.  As you might imagine, the posts tend to focus on the benefits of utilizing Wealthfront’s robo-advisor service, but even if you don’t invest with Wealthfront the information discussed is universally applicable, especially if you invest passively with index funds.
  • Mr. Money Mustache.  There is an entire early retirement culture online, of which many physicians are unaware.  If you have an interest in early retirement, you’ll love this website and the story of Pete (Mr. Money Mustache), a software engineer who retired in his thirties.  It is filled with investing information, as well as practical advice on how to save money in everyday life.  The site has an anti-consumerism, pro-Earth bent and Mr. Money Mustache is a strong proponent of using a bicycle instead of driving a car, even in the dead of winter.  He will show you that retiring early and controlling your spending doesn’t have to lead to unhappiness.  In fact, he’ll probably convince you that the less you own the happier you’ll be.
  • Money for the Rest of Us.  This podcast is hosted by a former investment manager.  He does an excellent job of reviewing personal finance and economics topics in shows that are usually about 30 minutes in length.  He offers additional content to those that join his “hub,” and like most money managers he thinks he can invest on the “leading edge” of the market.  In other words, he thinks he can predict the future and is a little too slanted towards active management for me.  That said, however, the shows are well done and extensively researched, and very entertaining with high-quality audio.  Even though I don’t agree with active management, many of the topics he discusses are excellent food for thought.

If you regularly utilize these six sources of financial information, it will be easy for you to stay up to date on your CFE.

Support the Blog by Taking This 5-Minute Detailing Survey

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BLUF: Please take this 5-minute survey to assess attitudes regarding billet assignments among Medical Corps officers. The results will be used to improve the Detailing process:

BACKGROUND: Billets are assigned by the Detailer after negotiation with members and Specialty Leaders. In an effort to improve this process, the Navy is considering a detailing marketplace similar to the civilian national residency match program. In this scenario, members consider all available billets, and commands consider all available members. After a period of time where both parties communicate with each other, rank lists are submitted. An algorithm generates billet matches using the rank lists.

As a pilot project, FY-17 Emergency Medicine billets will be assigned using this mechanism. We will use the results of this survey to improve future detailing policy. The results will be briefed to leadership and will be made public.

Consolidated Special Pays Presentation on MilSuite

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BUMED has posted a video of Mr. William Marin from BUMED Special Pays discussing the new consolidated special pays.  The slide deck is here:

Conversion to Consolidated Special Pays Brief – AUG 2016

The link to the video on MilSuite is here:

You have to be registered on MilSuite to view it.

Suggestions for Next Promo Prep Document Update?

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As best as I can tell with the blog stats that WordPress provides, the Promo Prep Document has been downloaded at least 1931 times in just over 1 year.  The number is probably higher because people share it via e-mail or download old versions from other places like the PERS website or MilSuite (the most current version is always on this page).  Now that the Medical Corps promotion boards are finished for FY17, it is time for people to start preparing for the FY18 promotion boards!

I constantly update the Promo Prep Document, usually only with updated stats or changes in e-mail addresses, but I am about to give it a complete read through and update.  If you have any suggestions please use the Contact Me tab and let me know things you’d like to see changed, added, subtracted, or more fully explained.  Thanks for reading!

FY17 LCDR Medical Corps Promotion Board Statistics

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Here is a PDF of the FY17 Medical Corps LCDR promotion board statistics, summarized here:

Above Zone – 3 of 7 eligible officers selected – 43% selection rate

In Zone – 219 of 249 eligible officers selected – 88% selection rate

Below Zone – 24 of 503 eligible officers selected – 5%

OVERALL – 246 officers selected out of 249 possible – 99%

The last line might not make much sense, so let me explain it.  First, the according to page 2 of the board convening order the promotion opportunity was 100%.  You take the number of officers in zone (249 in this case) and multiply it by the promotion opportunity (100% in this case) to give you the number of officers the board can select for promotion (249).  The 99% overall selection rate incorporates the 3 they selected from above zone and the 24 they took from below zone and adds them to the 219 they took from in zone giving you 246 out of 249 possible or 99%.

FY17 LCDR Staff Corps Selections Released

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Here is the LCDR select message:



R 101500Z AUG 16





ALNAV 055/16



RMKS/1. I am pleased to announce the following Staff Corps Officers on the
Active-Duty List for permanent promotion to the grade of Lieutenant

2. This message is not authority to deliver appointments. Authority to
effect promotion will normally be issued by future NAVADMINS requiring
NAVPERS 1421/7 preparation and forwarding of document to PERS-806.

3. Frocking is not authorized for any Officer listed below until specific
authorization is received per SECNAVINST 1420.2A.

4. For proper alphabetical order read from left to right on each line. The
numbers following each name to the right indicate the relative seniority
among selectees within each competitive category. Members are directed to
verify their select status via BUPERS Online.
Medical Corps
Aguirre Nicole Anderso 0151 Allemang Travis Christ 0106
An Joseph 0071 Anderson Sarah 0150
Andicochea Chad Thomas 0065 Ankeny Jacob Thomas 0024
Austad Stephen Spencer 0185 Austin Andrea Leigh 0049
Austin Derek Arthur 0231 Avallone Thomas James 0030
Barnhill Joshua Chasta 0125 Barros Thomas Stuart II 0037
Beers Robert Jay 0040 Bentley Pasha Laurel 0099
Berge Michael John 0035 Bergstrom Jennifer Ela 0174
Berniard Matthew Steph 0044 Biggs Andrew James 0063
Bluhm Jessica Lauren 0110 Bolthouse David Ryan 0176
Bradley Daniel Evan 0041 Brashear Stephanie Mar 0189
Briggs Benjamin John 0139 Brock Matthew Ryan 0188
Brooks Timothy Ray 0046 Brown Kelly Lynn 0081
Brust Adam Kyle 0111 Buchholz Andrew Christ 0222
Bumps Sarah Elizabeth 0126 Burnett Jacquelyn Mari 0217
Cagniart Kendra Rosean 0137 Cagniart Pierreetienne 0120
Caragheaur Svetlana 0021 Carpinello Matthew Dav 0134
Chace Hillary Ann 0230 Chartier Andre L 0109
Cheringal Julia Helene 0203 Colahan Coleen Leigh 0029
Condino Jason James 0179 Conway Aaron Christoph 0244
Croad Jason Robert 0061 Cruz Anthony Marc 0019
Cruz Caitlin Oconnor 0094 Cruz Mark M 0093
Delledonne Andrew Jame 0193 Derenne John Alan 0122
Destree Katrina Lynn 0077 Drew Benjamin Abraham 0013
Dumontier Stephen Anth 0204 Edwards Thomas Allen 0056
Eldridge Tayler Bardwe 0068 Elias Robert Paul 0102
Eliason Michael James 0011 Evans Thomas Russell 0184
Fangerow Michael Chris 0158 Faulkner Gregory Ray 0001
Fawley Ryan Kenneth 0127 Feeley Matthew Timothy 0084
Fennelly Jeffrey Paul 0132 Ferguson Christopher W 0170
Fisher Jason Francis 0156 Galka Daniel Joseph 0145
Gallagher Kia Marie 0114 Gangahar Chiraag N 0032
Ganyo Michelle Tomasa 0226 Garvin Daniel Sam 0088
God Bethany Jewell 0042 Gonzalez Joan Marie 0216
Grantham Mica Dianna 0219 Grasso Ian Anthony 0012
Green Margaret Cecilia 0245 Gruber Jonathan Edward 0159
Grzybowski Robert Jure 0016 Guerra Juan David 0115
Haldeman Matthew Lee 0090 Hall Gregory William 0240
Hanley Matthew Garrett 0096 Hartge Francis Joseph IV 0155
Hess Ruston Lee 0171 Hiatt Adrienne Sarah 0224
Hight Michael Howard 0235 Horn Charles John 0227
Hray Alexander III 0039 Hunt Jennifer Lee 0072
Jackson John Eric 0103 Jenkins Suzanne M H 0199
Jewett Frederic Carr II 0191 Kajut Marc Joseph 0101
Kim Sean Sunghoon 0075 Kissling Chase Alan 0089
Klein Laura Shorey 0066 Knecht Andrew Steven 0036
Knickerbocker Peter Fo 0192 Koplin Stephen Alexand 0097
Korduba Adrian B 0009 Kreller Erica Joan 0018
Kringel Janelle Renee 0149 Ku Julian Siddens 0154
Lail Colleen Francis 0241 Lambrix John Kirkland 0038
Landa Katrina Nicole 0167 Landers Grace D 0112
Lane Alison Briana 0233 Lau Jonathan Tony 0108
Lebenson Joshua Robert 0092 Lentz Nancy Ann 0210
Lilli Dana Rochelle 0242 Lindsey Diana Rae 0087
Livingston Samuel Fran 0078 Long Robert James 0074
Lyles Starla Nicole 0186 Lynn Jesse Harrison 0045
Lyons Kristine Esther 0119 Madhanagopal Harry Thi 0197
Manson Kristin Nicole 0153 Marsh Georgia Louise 0005
Martin Joseph Shane 0048 Maruszewski Adam D 0104
Matthews Horace Greele 0091 Mcauliffe Katie Marie 0082
Mccann Casey Elizabeth 0148 Mcdaniel Brent Jackson 0047
Mcintire Sean Cottam 0034 Mclaughlin Ruth Elizab 0144
Mcmullan Stephen Micha 0236 Meyer Stephanie Pearso 0225
Michael William Edward 0229 Miller Justin Griffith 0054
Miller Michael John 0223 Mingo Erica Nicole 0213
Mora Adrian Jose 0143 Morrison John Willard Jr 0196
Morrissey Patrick B 0095 Mulligan Sheila 0105
Murphy Kelli Rhiannon 0085 Nath Priti Vishnu 0124
Nealeigh Matthew Dale 0228 Neamandcheney Kari Ann 0190
Nghiem Vu Quoc 0207 Nguyen Kim Tothien 0080
Nguyen Yummy 0100 Oehrlein Nathan Michae 0098
Olson Thomas Frederic 0121 Onos Ejiroghene 0200
Osorio Claudio A 0022 Ostrofe Amy Alexander 0237
Overbey Adam Nanru 0164 Pala Kaitlin Dveira 0064
Park Brian Byungjin 0015 Park Brian Youngjae 0059
Park Hyun Jun 0023 Park Jennifer Lynne 0060
Pearson Josephine Acos 0215 Peng Kelly Carol 0234
Pierson Richard Alan 0058 Pokorny Douglas Michae 0195
Pokorny William Bradle 0194 Popadiuk Catherine Ann 0214
Potter Mandy Marie 0043 Powell Brittany E 0238
Pullen William Michael 0130 Puthawala Christine Ma 0062
Racs Michael John 0052 Ramos Victor Alexis 0220
Raunig Jefferey Mckay 0007 Raymond Clifford James 0135
Re Matthew Cameron 0028 Richter Matthew Jon 0163
Ringhouse Brendan Jeff 0198 Rivard Shayna Colleen 0141
Roberson Melanie Eva 0172 Roberts John Stephen 0209
Robinson Carrie L 0140 Rock Christopher Marti 0178
Rogers Amy Elizabeth 0008 Romero Anthony Michael 0002
Roper Benjamin Joseph 0131 Rutherford Anna Lynn 0152
Sabalerio Raubby Chris 0031 Sabene Alana Byrnn 0165
Saito Steven Wiard 0004 Salgado Gordon P 0116
Salgado Jorge 0027 Sarubbi Joseph Nichola 0157
Scarborough Patrick Ll 0177 Schmidgal Eric Chadwic 0020
Schutt Ryan John 0160 Senese Angela Leigh 0086
Serafine Matthew Stuar 0246 Simerman Charles Isaac 0014
Simmons Brighid Hayes 0187 Simpson Patrick C III 0026
Singh Anumeha 0162 Sleipness Evan Philip 0073
Slusser Heather Sterli 0232 Smith Eugene Robert II 0003
Smith Margo Zorn 0128 Smith Matthew Edward 0212
Snitchler Christopher 0070 Soloria Heather Marie 0133
Spahn Kimberly Michele 0201 Spandl Shelby Rae 0218
Spaniol Alison Paige 0168 Spellman Joseph Willia 0205
Spreen Casandra Michel 0006 Starr Carl Eugene 0017
Swingle Jena Lacretia 0221 Tafes Teshome Mengistu 0181
Tamoria Nicholas Aaron 0142 Taylor Brian Eric 0076
Teefey Alexander Strot 0206 Thomae Patrick Maurice 0147
Thompson Jennifer Lynn 0055 Thompson Kimberly Ann 0117
Thompson Matthew Micha 0067 Tilman Kathleen Tracy 0083
Todd Timothy David 0069 Tran Duy Phuoc 0166
Valerio Gabriel Santos 0129 Veal Timothy Melvin 0202
Vier Brandon Richard 0239 Voelckers Adam David 0175
Voss Audrey Constance 0136 Vu Katherine Ngoc 0161
Wade Sean Michael Stae 0243 Wagner Mercy Danielle 0025
Ward Andrew Lee 0010 Weimerskirch Brian Pet 0079
Weiner Jason James 0113 Wessner Allison G 0107
Wessner Matthew James 0053 Westmoreland Andrew Ho 0051
Whelpley Steven Andrew 0182 Whitlow Nathan Robert 0050
Winters Jessica Rae 0033 Wright Amelia Laskowsk 0057
Wright Kevin Theodore 0118 Wukitsch Kurt Christop 0169
Yam Philip Michael 0146 Yetto Joseph Michael 0123
Yetto Tatyana Olegovna 0138 Young Celeste Danielle 0183
Zaleski Ryan Michael 0173 Zaporteza Kris Emilson 0211
Zimmerman Amethyst Kat 0208 Zucharo Amy Frances 0180
Dental Corps
Alcorn Alice Anne Thom 0058 Anderson Erik David 0024
Ayesh Karima 0007 Bailey Erin Shari 0079
Behm Bryan James 0025 Bennett Bradley A 0004
Bennetts Nicholas Alan 0053 Bjarnason Spencer Weis 0030
Burke David Gordon 0071 Buttars Camron Shayn 0027
Byram Joseph Ray 0057 Catz Adam Jacob 0055
Chamberlain John Arthu 0076 Chang Kai Chiao Joe 0003
Cheng Jerry 0074 Childs Sarah Harding 0041
Chou Kelvin Zen Chi 0056 Cook Joseph Reed 0049
Dehmer Joseph Edward 0038 Dulebohn Rachel Victor 0017
Fisher Daniel John 0021 Fitzgerald Michael Pau 0008
Frederiksen Eric Howar 0065 Geddes Brandon Lee 0031
Gittleman Gregory Mich 0036 Godfrey Lindsay Ann 0082
Grant Joseph III 0019 Gummi Ujval Reddy 0035
Ham Peter Jungman 0040 Hamidzadeh Farid 0080
Hammer Daniel Aloysius 0063 Hernandezfeldpausch Ma 0061
Hershberger Sean Bradf 0075 Hill Markus Steven 0037
Holliday Cynthia Renee 0023 Hukill Ryan Keith 0018
Hurrell Elise Victoria 0034 Jarman Joseph Morgan 0072
Joy Melissa May 0068 Jung Gabrielle Koun 0052
Kosek David Jeffrey 0043 Kubera Catherine Louis 0064
Kurzweg Brittany Lynn 0045 Landon Taylor Mills 0062
Lee Michael Huayuen 0048 Lewis Michael J 0005
Lilli Christina Lee 0054 Lim Ella Tin Aye Khine 0039
Ma Alice Chia Li 0020 May Jaren Thomas 0060
Mcguire Rebecca Sue 0033 Mora Stephanie Nancy 0047
Morris James Sandel Jr 0069 Nelson David Lyman 0066
Nelson Kyle Tayler 0077 Noordmans Brandi Brian 0012
Notario Jason Matthew 0015 Olendorf Eric William 0001
Padilla Elizabeth Garn 0070 Pritchett Donald Goodw 0013
Pryor Ryan James 0051 Rabenstein Steven Gary 0022
Reeves Hillary Critchl 0046 Rice Amanda Lucile 0067
Rouse Matthew Adam 0042 Sandberg David Lee 0078
Schmidt Abigail Lee 0016 Schmidt Adam Eric 0081
Showers Lindsey Gaskin 0073 Sparks Jeremiah Jason 0010
Tarasov Alexander 0014 Valeri Arthur Stanley 0029
Walker William Seay II 0044 Ward Geoffrey Lee 0032
Weibel Wesley Dale 0006 Whiteaker Beecher C III 0059
Williams Nathaniel Dav 0026 Wiman Kevin Christophe 0009
Yi David Sangjin 0050 Yu Stacy Leefung 0002
Zipperstein Malka 0011
Medical Service Corps
Anderson Julie M Czosn 0025 Andrewsshigaki Brian C 0043
Angelo Elizabeth Rae 0017 Annabel Thomas Stuart 0098
Avants Michael Christi 0022 Balsamo John Louis 0048
Banks Renardis Denise 0067 Barrus Benjamin James 0037
Baun Michael Bacong 0104 Brady Christine Superv 0021
Breeding Byron Michael 0087 Brighton Kevin Matthew 0058
Broderick David Lawren 0117 Bulan Alexander Patawa 0093
Burns Gretchen S 0095 Burrell William Joseph 0090
Cao Qingyuan 0019 Carter Audrey Joseph 0115
Coates Hunter Roy 0107 Coleman Carlos Magdale 0023
Collins Brent Douglas 0034 Concepcion Jorge Luis 0020
Cordrick Colleen Irene 0105 Cornejo Francisco A 0091
Cunningham Jill Suzann 0028 Dalesandro Tammy Lynet 0080
Davis Jonathon Rhett 0039 Deguzman Leonarda Maga 0116
Diclaro Joseph William 0035 Dobbs Phillip Shawn 0079
Dozier Katherine Vale 0101 Edgel Kimberly Ann 0018
Eisenhardt Anthony Mic 0054 England David Barclay 0001
Enriquez Analiza Maria 0060 Estrella Luis Angel 0006
Farrar Elizabeth Diane 0073 Finley Felipe Perie 0002
Fiscus Joseph Charles 0026 Fletcher Sarah Elder 0064
Ford Jeremiah Daniel 0036 Garcia Seth Lewis 0046
Gardner Amanda Ann 0075 Glaze Krystal Sherrie 0055
Gleason Lindsay Holbro 0063 Goodell Kevin Adam 0010
Gross Kristen Denise 0100 Grypp Matthew David 0082
Hare Zachary William 0092 Hayes William Franklin 0066
Heckert Rick Wallace 0041 Hertz Jeffrey Conrad 0007
Hinegardner Susan Ann 0083 Hughes Tony Harvey 0038
Hummel Ann Martha 0118 Hunter Andrew Jay 0068
Hupfl Kyleigh Brooks 0070 Infante Eric John 0032
Jones Vincent Paul 0076 Kaleiohi Joseph Koani 0089
Kavanaugh Michael Davi 0074 Kinney Micah Jason 0045
Kumar Sandeep 0029 Lantieri Rachel Ellyn 0047
Le Thuy Duong Thi 0016 Letchworth Laura Alice 0065
Lippert Amanda Fern 0096 Liwanag Melissa Manala 0086
Lucas Wilfredo Larioza 0027 Mabry Enkeleida 0040
Mahoney John Wesley II 0009 Maid Ryan Patrick 0013
Mannis Daniel Norman 0097 Massey Crystal Coghlan 0056
Matlage Karl Matthew 0103 Mclean Alistair S 0084
Medina Roderick Salvad 0053 Meeker Justin W 0050
Meyer Lyndsy Marie 0052 Miller Jacqueline Leig 0033
Miller Jeremy Kenneth 0106 Miranda Rebecca Meri L 0030
Moss Leah Danielle 0071 Myers Angela Marie 0012
Neal Mary Lee 0024 Neil Joseph William 0077
Neipp James Andrew 0031 Ochieng John Onyiego 0059
Oliva John Raymond 0085 Paddock Nina Anette 0057
Paulett Christopher Le 0061 Phung Giao Bich 0011
Piccone John Joseph 0051 Pletta Aileen Marie 0014
Pulido Jose Alfonso 0110 Reed Eva Kristina 0112
Riebel Mark Alan 0069 Root Rebecca Lynn 0008
Rosati Heather Lynn 0042 Russell Robert Allen 0062
Sarkissian Vahe Levon 0015 Schmidt Jesse James 0005
Sciarini Lee William 0003 Sears Gary Lee 0111
Sharpe Brenda Louann 0099 Sharrits Adam Joseph 0113
Sheppard Ryan Lance 0078 Shipman Matthew Richar 0108
Smallidge Tara Marie 0094 Smith Ryan W 0114
Stegeman George Theodo 0049 Summers Robert Craig 0004
Swift Joshua Michael 0044 Szychulda Brent Allen 0109
Towns Blake Verlin 0081 Vanzie Marion Gean 0072
Walker Dawn B 0119 Washington Christopher 0088
Wells Bradley Scott 0102
Judge Advocate General’s Corps
Adams Benjamin D 0045 Baldoni Adrienne M 0018
Bateman Laura Reed 0053 Brandwein Kevin R 0046
Brennan Shawn William 0022 Bridges Daniel Maclay 0016
Buckley Stephen Ward 0019 Charpentier Aubrey Dal 0051
Cirone Stephanie Lynn 0040 Coffin Andrew Macmorri 0020
Cole Margaret Villagra 0027 Corcoran Brian Dermot 0029
Cox Matthew Christophe 0009 Craig Ari Emmanuel 0030
Eaton Thomas Liefke 0004 Fisher Scott Weston 0031
Ford Jessica Lynn 0014 Franks Jarrod Ross 0032
Gillespie Geoffrey Tay 0024 Gough Charles Christop 0013
Griffis Edward Thomas 0007 Groves Leigha Beth Fas 0026
Holmes Candace Michell 0049 Homme Alexander Golden 0011
Hugel Lauren Elaine 0021 Hutton Christopher Hea 0038
Inch Adam Edward 0043 Jackler Megan Romigh 0003
Kadlec Matthew John 0023 Luce Jennifer Lindsay 0035
Marden Jeffrey Spencer 0012 Mayo Lauren Ashley Ski 0002
Moore Andrew John 0052 Morris Paul Ben 0037
Neugroschel Sara Pless 0041 Paradis Kathryn Alison 0042
Partridge Adam Grant 0001 Pierce Michael Thomas 0044
Poindexter Theresa Den 0048 Rohlfing Philip Wayne 0006
Roman Charles Michael 0025 Romeo Denise Lynn 0039
Sargent Brandon Hale 0017 Schaffer John Andrew 0050
Schreiber Keven Patric 0036 Schultheiss Kimi Kato 0033
Sham Anthony Philip 0005 Staring Nicole Theresa 0028
Suplizio Tia Renee 0010 Sylvan James Christoph 0008
Taylor Jon Thomas 0034 Thrasher Matthew P 0047
Whitican Michael Frede 0015
Nurse Corps
Afful Stephen Kofi 0046 Albers Betsy Leigh 0073
Allbaugh Nguyet Nguyen 0104 Allen Justin Eric 0135
Allnutt Rachel Daniell 0102 Anderson Candy Sue 0050
Antico David A 0038 Aparicio Amy Elizabeth 0044
Askins Jourdan Kief 0123 Aucker Kristin Stahl 0101
Aukeman Jonathan Mark 0051 Bailey Robert Brian 0009
Banker Eric Scott 0107 Barendse Amy Heather 0056
Barger Kathryn Anne 0094 Benefield John Blake III 0016
Benson Traci Lynn 0119 Bradshaw Rachel Ann 0105
Brough Jason Leslie 0118 Brown Jerry Joseph 0063
Brown Terry Joseph 0064 Burrell Traci Elizabet 0095
Carlson Johanna Maria 0013 Cason Roger Gean 0086
Castro Cheryl Q 0017 Charais Chantel Dean 0029
Chunaco Krystal Mary 0008 Crowder Sharon Antonet 0133
Daley Leslie Ann 0087 Dalrymple Jessica Elai 0100
Davis Alawah Clive 0054 Dee Ada Chelan 0130
Dixon Wilbert Charles III 0061 Duenas Brian Cabela 0112
Dunbar Eric Eugene 0067 Dykes Phyllis Jo Ann 0052
Eason Danny J Jr 0027 Egts Alesha Kaye 0124
Ehrhardt April Leigh 0071 Eighmy Nicholas Waldei 0057
Endicott Darcey Lynn R 0015 Eyike Yves Henri 0137
Fancher Corey Michelle 0146 Faris Sarah Elizabeth 0049
Ferraro Jessica Marie 0139 Fitzpatrick Travis Joh 0076
Fortunato Jean Ann 0116 Fowler Robert H III 0042
Francis Clement 0075 Francis Jennifer Tran 0023
Freeman Keith Jeffrey 0040 Gardner John Daniel 0128
Gerbich Leeyanna Maree 0127 Graham Carla Jean 0089
Groves Stacie Beverly 0097 Hamrick Jonathan David 0091
Harrison Lanae Zeporia 0125 Harvie Christopher Lou 0136
Healy Angela Renee 0129 Helfrich Nancy Griseld 0132
Hendricks Kimberley Ly 0055 Hernandez Serina Adell 0018
Hofer Anthony Scott 0121 Hopkins Juanita T 0110
Howard Michael James 0070 Irizarry Jasmyne Charl 0113
Jagger Sarah Ann 0005 Jennings Samantha J 0030
Keller Andy Ladale 0069 Keys Jenique Brianne 0041
Kilpatrick James Walte 0115 Kinard Charles Jerome 0126
King Mary E 0033 Leahy Robert Michael 0088
Loran Jennifer Helen 0093 Marenco Yvonne Melissa 0103
Mcclure Scott Edward 0007 Mccoy Leah Ursula 0028
Mcquade Lindsay K 0035 Mendoza Danilo R Jr 0039
Moody Megan Kathleen 0012 Morgan Joshua John 0143
Munro Amanda Paige 0058 Nicoletti Erica Horst 0080
Nobbee Farzan 0025 Nochisaki Stefanie Ann 0043
Osei Otis 0062 Parker Rhys Aaron 0142
Payne Allen Keith 0074 Phillips Erica Lynn 0020
Powell Courtney Victor 0031 Pritchard Nikki L 0032
Quezada Renee Marie 0122 Quinn Ty Marcus 0084
Ramirez Jericho Homer 0078 Remedios Barbara Mary 0022
Reyna Mary Kathleen 0106 Rudy Brandon Andrew 0120
Runyon Edward L Spiezi 0045 Rushnov Sarah Devon 0131
Salazar Brett Adam 0085 Sanchez Karen Jean 0117
Saraceni Crystal M 0047 Sartain Brandon James 0096
Schilling Erika Dawn 0066 Schneider Leslie Rae 0010
Schwartz Nathaniel Jer 0048 Sehnert Rachel Irene 0138
Serrato Juan Diego 0072 Slack Melissa Ann 0141
Smart Judith 0004 Smith Latarya Denise 0001
Spivey Donelle Jean 0021 Spruill Angela Grace 0011
Squazza Jennifer Danie 0140 Starr Steven Allen 0006
Stelly Dominick B 0082 Stevens Kimberly Ann 0002
Stevens Michael Allen 0053 Stoniecki Kristin P 0036
Streb Louis Dale 0134 Strickland Kassy Leann 0024
Sutherland Christopher 0019 Swindells Stacey Ann 0026
Taylor Adam Matthew 0114 Thomas Koa Jestine 0037
Tingue Andrew Benson 0109 Tobola Marypat A 0077
Trausch Joel Peter 0098 Tverdosi Meredith Kell 0034
Uhlman David Todd 0060 Vaillancourt Natesha A 0081
Vidaurre Susan Renee 0014 Vidrine Claire Marie 0083
Wallace Stephanie Eliz 0108 Wilkins Craig Allen 0099
Williams Melinda Sue 0003 Williams Michael Craig 0144
Williams Vanita Javonn 0065 Wilson Brian Christoph 0059
Woods Peter Jason 0090 Workman Caitlin Marie 0079
Wymer Joshua Adamdyke 0092 Yang Brittany Lynne 0145
Ziegler Alessandra E 0111
Supply Corps
Adams Scott Edward 0057 Amundson Patrick David 0082
Anderson Laura Anne 0018 Anliker Anja Delora 0058
Armstrong Zachary John 0073 Aurelio Carnell Pacris 0056
Bastola Jatan 0004 Bing John Richard 0049
Blonski Stephen Thomas 0039 Bratton Bert Randolph 0085
Buck Andrea Karen 0012 Castleberry Anthony Mi 0003
Charlton Jennifer Lave 0030 Chen Lisa 0068
Clark Philip F Jr 0051 Damore Kathryn Mcgrath 0076
Dausen Michael Paul 0052 Davis Eldridge Lamont 0086
Downer Jammie Latrea 0020 Edenfield Bradford Llo 0011
Eom Jeffrey Jaechung 0042 Ferguson Garry Kindle 0074
Foursha Andrew Weil 0007 Fuery Paul Daniel 0062
Galvao Jose Augusto 0080 Gibson Jared Anthony 0014
Gillette Casey James 0010 Golden Rayfield Nathan 0023
Harnish Jason Eugene 0008 Hill David Wayne 0034
Hill Timothy Michael 0067 Hilliard Adam Gregory 0032
Hitt Wesley Paul 0066 Ho Eugene Kai Jung 0048
House Thomas Dean 0071 Jensen Franklin Jay Jr 0070
Johnson Kyle Adam 0028 Jones James Wade 0033
Kloepping Paul John 0084 Krantz Andrew James 0037
Langhorne Joshua Luke 0002 Lebel Christopher Mich 0009
Longworth Joshua Devin 0079 Lorge Matthew Moran 0026
Maldonado Daniel Iii 0015 Mannila Stephen James 0016
Mason Christopher Matt 0075 Mason Rudy 0045
Mccandless Charles Eri 0006 Mcfarland Jay Tirrell 0061
Mcneil John Walter Geo 0035 Medici David Anthony 0043
Miller Travis Michael 0047 Morrison William Earl 0060
Nichollscarvajal Eduar 0072 Nixon Edward Paul 0064
Odom David Freeman 0027 Odonnell John Patrick 0081
Pagnucco Jonathan Pete 0001 Palmer Brandon William 0065
Pennycooke Carlisle Ca 0036 Percival Shannon Eliza 0019
Petty Jesse Paul 0022 Phillips Jeffrey Micha 0017
Revitzer Jason Lewis 0077 Richmond Jonathan Robe 0059
Riester Peter 0054 Ryan Stephen Corey 0050
Sabogal Alberto H 0024 Shields William Easton 0053
Sly Mary Elizabeth Ban 0069 Smutz Joseph Anthony 0005
Souksavatdy Amphay 0025 Steffensmeier Jamie Jo 0078
Stevens Edwin Jeffery 0063 Stonecipher David Jose 0013
Sweat Tyheem 0038 Thornton Aaron Travis 0040
Thornton Benjamin Dani 0044 Tuddenham Michael Stap 0083
Uy Gilbert Phi 0046 Walls Remuis Deangelo 0031
Wang Xiao Y 0029 Washington Dwann Evans 0055
Weatherspoon Anthonio 0021 Yap Charmaine Roldan 0041
Chaplain Corps
Adkins Raymond Bryan 0024 Beasley Michael Wayne 0025
Blythe Jeremy Paul 0021 Brown Stephen Bradley 0016
Chapman Stephen Brent 0027 Choi Yoon Jin 0031
Crecca Vito Michael III 0029 Daigle David A 0008
Degraeve Joel Richard 0001 Delaney Conrad Todd 0007
Earley Christopher Nei 0014 Earls Joshua Rodney 0035
Espinosa Ken Roger 0015 Fasnacht Robert Dale 0019
Hamilton Chad Otis 0006 Hampton Diane Marie 0026
Hazlett Gregory Robert 0004 Hogan James Phillip 0017
Jones Clayton Donahue 0018 Kennedy Michael Shaun 0010
Kim Tae Hee 0013 Londono Diego Hernan 0030
Mason Scott Patrick 0009 Mcgrath Daniel James 0034
Pahs David Stephen 0023 Perry Jeffrey Alan 0003
Pickering Matthew Aver 0022 Ragain James Carlton III 0033
Roach Joseph L 0002 Robbins Arthur Joseph II 0028
Rutan James Mark 0020 Torres Mark Anthony 0012
Velthuis Stephen Eric 0011 Whalen Christilene 0005
White Gale B 0032
Civil Engineer Corps
Ahn Paul Ilbu 0029 Angerman James G 0005
Bettis Joshua Stephen 0010 Beyer Bryan Joseph 0015
Buechel Richard Edward 0030 Bunn Brendan B 0042
Caponigro Michelle She 0028 Deunk Nathan Howard 0022
Dunn Benjamin Russell 0032 Farrar Douglass Garret 0023
Frank John David 0012 Gates Brian R 0006
Gerlach Adam John 0052 Gregory Jannira Lee 0035
Gruber Marjorie Jeanet 0027 Hall Derek Blake 0054
Heatherly John Hubert 0045 Heutel Kirk William 0018
Holmes Brian Adam 0053 Hughes Sean Ryan 0019
James Christopher Edwa 0001 Jarvis Russell B 0039
Justiss Mark Stafford 0011 Keesee Cody Wayne 0037
Kim Harry Yong 0016 King Matthew John 0036
Knotts Douglas H 0026 Kvandal John Douglas 0008
Lewis Joshua Mark 0043 Mcdowell Christopher J 0017
Mcfarland Jamie Renee 0046 Mcleod Jack David 0014
Milkowski Matthew R 0004 Montgomery Kena Kathle 0050
Mora Jose Daniel 0034 Morrissey Nigel Todd 0025
Moyer Andrew Gerald 0021 Mutyala Rama Kiran 0013
Over Christopher John 0044 Pilon Jonathan Mark 0038
Roberts Bradley James 0007 Roussel Mark Z 0041
Ruggiero John Victor 0003 Sare David Nathaniel 0051
Schoeman Hendrik Andri 0049 Takach Andrew Michael 0024
Tomala George Corey 0048 Turner Joshua Aaron 0002
Underwood Ian Hunter 0047 Warren Michael A 0040
Watson Jeffrey Joseph 0031 Widhalm Christopher Je 0033
Williams Anthony Lee 0009 Winckler Andrew Paul 0055
Wright Shannon Lovonne 0020
Limited Duty Officer (Staff)
Lang Dennis Lee Jr 0002 Leffakis Yasmira 0003

5. Released by Ray Mabus, Secretary of the Navy.//


Tips to Improve Your Concurrent FITREP

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Yesterday an officer e-mailed me and asked for tips on improving his concurrent FITREP, which I thought would make a nice blog post.

A concurrent FITREP is most often received when you are deployed.  It is “concurrent” because not only are you getting a FITREP from your deployed command/unit, but you are also getting one from your home/parent command.  For example, I just returned from a deployment.  I was gone from September 2015 to June 2016.  I received both a periodic FITREP from my parent/home command and a concurrent FITREP from my deployed command.

Tips to improve your concurrent FITREP include:

  1. Realize that operational commanders often know very little about medical/Navy FITREPs, so you want to do everything you can to make sure that none of these critical FITREP mistakes happen to you.
  2. Try to get a strong soft breakout where the commander compares you to all officers of the same grade under his/her command either now or during his/her entire career.  For example, “In the top 10% of over 200 O4 officers I’ve rated in my entire career.”
  3. Make sure your most important title/duty is in the box in the upper left of block 29.  For example, don’t put “PHYSICIAN” but “OIC” or “SMO”.  You can often score some titles that sound very important on a deployment, like “MEU SURGEON” or “GROUP SURGEON”.  You don’t want to waste them.

Otherwise, general FITREP advice can be found in the Basic Anatomy of a FITREP.