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Medical Corps Career Development Board Assistant Program Manager

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The Corps Chiefs office is soliciting applications for the CDB Assistant Program Manager, working closely with the CDB Program Manager and Medical Corps Career Planner to coordinate and compile CDB data and best practices from the enterprise.  The successful candidate will be LCDR or above with excellent organizational abilities and significant enterprise experience in both hospital and operational settings.  Interested candidates should submit a letter of intent, CV, BIO, Officer Summary Record (OSR), Performance Summary Record (PSR) and command endorsement to CAPT Miguel Gutierrez (contact in the global).  Applications are due NLT 29 January 2021.  The current program policy is here:

Call for Medical Corps Career Development Board Assistant Program Manager – O4-O6

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The Medical Corps Chief recently signed the Medical Corps Career Development Board (MC CDB) policy. I’m the MC CDB Program Manager, but per the policy I need an Assistant Program Manager. The duties of the Assistant Program Manager include:

  • Manages the electronic/online resources ensuring all material is current and all necessary personnel have access.
  • Assists the MC CDB Program Manager in keeping all training resources current and standardized.
  • Obtains and distributes dial-in information for the periodic teleconferences with the Command MC CDB Coordinators. Submits attendance and draft minutes to the MC CDB Program Manager.
  • Assists in monitoring MC CDB evaluation surveys for trends and opportunities for improvement and provides feedback to the MC CDB Program Manager.
  • Performs other duties as requested by the MC CDB Program Manager.

If you are interested in serving as the MC CDB Assistant Program Manager, please send me your CV, military bio, and letter of intent at < at > by COB Friday, 26 APR.