Assistant Program Manager, Medical Corps Career Development Boards – O5/O6

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Assistant Program Manager, Medical Corps Career Development Boards – Chief, Medical Corps seeks a senior medical officer for this collateral duty.  The scope of duties requires an O-5/O-6 officer motivated to improve career development boards (CDB) throughout the Medical Corps.  The Assistant Program Manager’s responsibilities include: managing the online resources for Chief Medical Officers and CDB Coordinators, assisting the Program Manager in keeping all training resources current and standardized, coordinating periodic teleconference/MS Teams meetings with command CDB coordinators, assisting in monitoring evaluation surveys for trends and opportunities for improvement, and performing other duties as requested by the CDB Program Manager.  The term is 36 months, and the desired start date is January 2023.

Prospective applicants should email a CV and BIO to CAPT Rhett Barrett NLT 1200 EST Friday, January 13, 2023.

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