NMFDC Newsletter – November 2022

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On behalf of the Naval Medical Force Development Center (NMFDC), please see the attached November 2022 NMFDC Newsletter.

This month’s newsletter:

-Features the newly stood up Joint Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (JKSA) Working Group, which will advise, coordinate, and support joint efforts on medical personnel readiness.

-CAPT Heather Shattuck, Chief Nursing Officer, Deputy Chief Medical Officer, and Trauma Strategy Management Office (TSMO) Lead; and Mr. John Zarkowsky, Deputy Director of BUMED N5 and NMFDC Office of Primary Responsibility, will serve as the Navy Representatives to the JKSA Working Group.

-Showcases ongoing efforts by the NMFDC, TSMO, and the Expeditionary Resuscitative Surgical System Success Metrics Working Group to close existing Naval Medical Readiness Criteria data gaps and determine the optimal data, supported by “reps and sets”, to certify individual clinical proficiency by platform.

-Presents the NMFDC “Graphic of the Month” on the High Reliability Organization principle of “Deference to Expertise”.

-Spotlights the U.S. Fleet Forces article “The Press for Time during Medical Emergencies,” which gives a real-life example of how “reps and sets” can save lives.

-Wishes the U.S. Marine Corps a Happy 247th Birthday (established on 10 November 1775)!

Please feel free to share this newsletter with other relevant Navy Medicine stakeholders and those interested in the NMFDC’s efforts. 

Very Respectfully, 

The Naval Medical Force Development Center

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