Navy Medicine Force Development Center Newsletter

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On behalf of the Naval Medical Force Development Center (NMFDC), please see the attached April 2022 NMFDC Newsletter:

This month’s newsletter:

  • Clarifies the commonly used term “Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSA)”
  • Showcases the KSA-related tools for Navy Medicine personnel
  • Highlights the KSA-related governance bodies
  • Presents the NMFDC “Graphic of the Month”
  • Spotlights the recent Operational Medicine Clinical Community readiness improvement initiatives
  • Includes information about the recently signed Health Affairs Memorandum outlining Joint KSA Program Management Office responsibilities

Please feel free to share this newsletter with other relevant Navy Medicine stakeholders and those interested in the NMFDC’s efforts.

Very Respectfully,

The Naval Medical Force Development Center

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