Navy Promoting Black Men in White Coats Movie

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The Navy is sponsoring release of the Black Men in White Coats movie in February that highlights the need for more African American male physicians. Navy Recruiting Command is planning to utilize it as an outreach opportunity to support recruiting diversity initiatives. They anticipate providing 125 screenings to various organizations, primarily historically black colleges and universities (HBCU), that have some form of medical/health education program with pre/post-viewing emails to the organizations to maximize participation and provide information on Navy Physician career opportunities.

There is an opportunity to provide a live Q/A event (platform and details TBD) following the viewings, ideally with Navy African American physicians that could answer questions. Male physicians would be most consistent with the theme of the movie, but female participation would also be welcome. Any interested MC member can contact Timorie Belk for more information at Timorie dot Belk < at > vmlyr dot com.

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