Financial Blogs I Recommend

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For those looking to get financial education online, here are the blogs and other online resources I’d recommend:

A Wealth of Common Sense – This is a blog written by one of the Animal Spirits podcasters I recommended you listen to. He provides excellent contemporary analysis of the financial markets.

Humble Dollar – Jonathan Clements was a personal finance writer at The Wall Street Journal for 20 years and is a well-respected source for financial advice. He has a number of books and a blog called Humble Dollar that includes a free comprehensive money guide that is a continuously updated guide to all aspects of personal finance.

Mr. Money Mustache – There is an entire early retirement culture on line, of which many physicians are unaware. If you have an interest in early retirement, you’ll love this website and the story of Pete (Mr. Money Mustache), a software engineer who retired in his thirties. It is filled with investing information, as well as practical advice on how to save money in everyday life. The site has an anti-consumerism, pro-Earth bent and Mr. Money Mustache is a strong proponent of using a bicycle instead of driving a car, even in the dead of winter. He will show you that retiring early and controlling your spending doesn’t have to lead to unhappiness. In fact, he’ll probably convince you that the less you own the happier you’ll be.

Oblivious Investor  – This is a tax-focused investing blog by an accountant who also writes a series of very short, informative books on all finance topics.

Vanguard Blog – Regular readers know I’m a huge fan of Vanguard and do all of my non-military retirement investing there. You should too! Many know that Vanguard was founded by John Bogle, and those who follow his investing principles are self-named “Bogleheads.” They have a Bogleheads Wiki that you can read in addition to the Vanguard blog.

White Coat Investor Empire – Fellow Emergency Physician James Dahle, MD has created a digital and print media empire. You can’t go wrong if you make this your solitary source of financial information. There is a blog, internet forum, Facebook group, sub-Reddit, podcast, and book, so no matter how you prefer to ingest information you can find what you are looking for on this site. In addition, he has partnered with three other physician financial blogs, Physician on FIRE (which stands for Financial Independence, Retire Early), Passive Income M.D., and The Physician Philosopher. All three of these are excellent sources as well.

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