Financial Podcasts I Recommend

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For those looking to get some financial education through their earbuds or while driving, here are the podcasts I recommend and actively listen to as well as one I don’t listen to but you should consider.

Animal Spirits

Two investment advisors give an educational and entertaining summary of recent market/financial news 1-2 times per week.

Bogleheads on Investing

Many know that Vanguard was founded by John Bogle, and those who follow his investing principles are self-named “Bogleheads.” This podcast will teach you those principles.

Down the Middle

Creative Planning is an investment advisory firm. Its President, Peter Mallouk, and Director of Financial Education, Jonathan Clements, who was a Wall Street financial columnist for 20 years, provide a monthly podcast series discussing recent market events, investment philosophy, and give monthly tips.

Financial Residency or Physician Finance Minute

Ryan Inman is a fee-only financial advisor who happens to be married to a GS physician at NMCSD. Financial Residency is the podcast that I recommend but don’t personally listen to because I find it to be too basic. That said, if you are a beginner to intermediate when it comes to personal finance, I think this is a podcast that you should strongly consider to build your financial knowledge base. For those with a short attention span, he also offers the Physician Finance Minute, which is literally 1-2 minutes of financial learning each day.

Money for the Rest of Us

This podcast is hosted by a former investment manager. He does an excellent job of reviewing personal finance and economics topics in shows that are usually about 30 minutes in length.

Money Meets Medicine

Jimmy Turner, a practicing Anesthesiologist, and co-host Ryan Inman, the host of the Financial Residency Podcast above, teach you all of the personal finance topics you wish you had learned in medical school.

Passive Income MD

Peter Kim is also a practicing Anesthesiologist and entrepreneur who focuses this podcast on ways that physicians can create diverse streams of passive income.

The Long View

This podcast from Morningstar is hosted by Christine Benz and Jeff Ptak as they talk to influential leaders in investing, advice, and personal finance about a wide-range of topics, such as asset allocation and balancing risk and return.

WashingtonWise Investor

Our finances, portfolios, and the markets are affected daily by the policies and politics coming out of Washington. In each episode of WashingtonWise Investor, host Mike Townsend, Charles Schwab’s Vice President for Legislative and Regulatory Affairs, focuses a non-partisan eye on the stories that matter most to investors, and his guests offer actionable suggestions for what to do—and what not to do—with your portfolio.

White Coat Investor

Fellow Emergency Physician James Dahle, MD has created a digital and print media empire. You can’t go wrong if you make this your solitary source of financial information. There is a blog, internet forum, podcast, and book, so no matter how you prefer to ingest information you can find what you are looking for on his site.

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