Get $125 from Equifax Data Breach Settlement and Finance Friday Articles

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If you want to find out if your personal info was affected by the Equifax Data Breach, you can go to this website:

Further info is available here:

At a minimum, you can get $125 or free credit monitoring if you were affected. It takes a minute to file a claim if you were affected.

Here are this week’s articles:

4 Ways Your Fear of Loss Impacts Your Finances

Balancing the Need to Take Risk

Different Ways to Make Five Million Dollars in Real Estate

Financial Freedom in Ten Reliable Steps

How Time-Consuming is Investing in Real Estate?

Life Goal: To Lose a Million Dollars

Pay to Play – Divide Your Wealth Into Physical and Social Wealth Components

Should We Employ Our Own Kids? (and How Much to Pay Them)

The Financial Benefits of Residential Solar

The Optimal Portfolio

The Problem With FIREing At 4% And The Need For Flexible Spending Rules

The Tale of Two Doctors: The First Paycheck

The Work Required to Behave in the Markets

We Are Often Frugal, But Rarely Cheap

What is the Best Asset Allocation for Retirement?

What You Need to Know about Fundrise and DiversyFund

Which Assets Should You Spend First in Retirement?

Who Should Go For PSLF As An Attending Physician?

Why A Physician Should Work Full-Time

Why military retirees may no longer have to wait 180 days to start a job at DoD

You May Have Longer Than You Think to Invest For Retirement

You Need an Investing Plan

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