Reminder to Graduating Residents – You are Now Eligible for GMO Incentive Pay

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Congratulations to those who just graduated residency. Please note the following on page 3 of the BUMED Medical Corps Special Pay Guidance where it discusses General Medical Officer (GMO) Incentive Pay (IP):

Medical Corps officers who complete initial residency on active duty are eligible for the GMO IP the day after completing residency.  For those who complete residency not on active duty eligibility is the date reported to first permanent command, if less than three months after completing residency.

This means you need to go to your Special Pays coordinator and apply for the GMO IP. It increases you from a residency IP of $8,000 per year to the GMO IP of $20,000 per year.

If you are not sure where to go or how to get this pay, I’d try to do what the BUMED Special Pays page says:

If there are any questions please direct them to your HRD/Admin/Special Pays Coordinator, or Specialty Leader, who will forward to BUMED inquiries they are unable answer at the command level, but no individuals should be bypassing their local command admin support, since they need to be able to understand the issues, and responses, to be able to better support the command.

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