Special Pays Update for Those Receiving a Retention Bonus (RB)

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There are a couple of items BUMED Special Pays recently learned from DFAS.

First, for those receiving RB rates over $50,000, an update to DFAS’s system prevents them from entering an initial RB payment over $50,000.  For RBs with an annual rate over $50,000, DFAS is entering the initial payment of $50,000 then going back into the member’s account at a later date and adding the remainder of the amount due.   Unfortunately, with the volume of RBs DFAS is processing, they may not be able to go back into the account to make the adjustment until after the initial payment is made so there may be a gap in receipt of the full RB amount.  This only impacts the initial payment.

Second, for those who have recently Terminated and Renegotiated an RB to a different rate, if the anniversary payment of the legacy agreement is within a few weeks of when the new acceptance letter was submitted to DFAS, this year’s anniversary payment may be made at the old rate.   DFAS will then go in afterwards to adjust the RB to the new rate.  Again, with the volume of RBs being processed, there is no way to know how soon after the anniversary payment is made that DFAS can make the adjustment.

In either scenario, if the member has not received the adjusted payment within 2 weeks after the effective date, the member should contact his/her command HRD/Admin office.  The HRD/Admin offices are to compile a list to send to the BUMED Special Pays Office via the usn.ncr.bumedfchva.mbx.specialpays-bumed@mail.mil email address.

Questions should be directed to the command HRD/Admin office.

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