Call for Nominees for 2017 MHS Female Physician Leadership Course

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BLUF: Seeking Navy Medicine nominations for the 2017 MHS Female Leadership Course

NOMINATION DUE DATE: 19 DEC 2016, 0730 EST (e-mail POC details contained in this document)

COURSE DATES:  27-29 MAR 2016 at Defense Health Headquarters (DHHQ) in Falls Church, VA

FUNDING SOURCE:  Attendee’s assigned command (BUMED does not fund)


  1. MHS Female Physician Leadership Course Nomination Form
  2. Attestation Letter
  3. Nominee’s Personal Statement
  4. Nominee’s CV
  5. CO endorsement letter

Point of Contact: POC information is in this document

Navy Medicine,

On behalf of the Navy Medical Corps Chief’s Office and the Council for Female Physician Recruitment and Retention, we are AGAIN excited to offer this opportunity to your rising Navy Physician Female Leaders.  The MHS Female Physician Leadership Course is offered to 100 service women across the Military Health System. Please share this information widely.

100 Attendees will be competitively selected from across the Military Health System and there will be 30 seats available to female Navy Medicine physicians. Attendees (and ranked alternates) will be selected by the Medical Corps Chief’s Office. Please review attached nomination form, course details, and attendee criteria.  A complete nomination packet is due by the start of business (0730 EST) 19 DEC 2016.

The course is open to all LCDRs (including selects) and CDRs with < 2 years in grade. Residents, civilians, and Reservists are also eligible.  Nominees may be self-nominated or nominated by any peer or colleague, however, all will require their Commanding Officer’s endorsement.

This is a leadership development course and simply having the potential for leadership is reason enough to consider nomination. Simply represent your nominee enthusiastically, and let the selection committee make the final decision.  Please see nomination form for further guidance.

For nominees unable to attain a CO endorsement, an endorsement letter must be signed by the approval authority for travel/funding.

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