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FY20 Promotion Phasing Plan Released

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As you can see below, there are adjustments to promote a bunch of people on 1 OCT due to the new merit reorder process at promotion boards:


New Process to Digitally Submit Your Promotion Board Photo

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I’m working on updating the Promo Prep document for 2020, but it’ll take a while. In the meantime, here is an update on this new process from your Detailing shop:

Officers now have the option of uploading their photo to their Official Military Personnel File (OMPF) electronically via MyNavy Portal (MNP), saving the time and costs associated with printing and mailing:

  • Go to and log in with your CAC Card.
  • Go to “My Record” at the top, then find “Officer Photograph.”
  • The form NAVPERS 1070/884 will open and photos can be uploaded directly to the form and submitted to the OMPF.
  • You must use your DOD ID (not your SSN).

FY21 Promotion Board Schedule

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You can see the whole FY21 board schedule on this page, but here are the medically relevant ones:

  • Active O-8 Staff – 11-Sep-2019
  • Active O-7 Staff – 16-Sep-2019
  • Medical Service Corps In-service Procurement – 9-Oct-2019
  • Reserve O-8 Staff – 30-Oct-2019
  • Reserve O-7 Staff – 4-Nov-2019
  • Medical Enlisted Commissioning Program (MECP) – 6-Nov-2019
  • Nurse Corps Duty Under Instruction (DUINS) – 4-Dec-2019
  • Active O-6 Staff – 4-Feb-2020
  • Reserve O-6 Staff – 25-Feb-2020
  • Reserve O-5 Staff – 25-Feb-2020
  • Active O-5 Staff – 24-Mar-2020
  • Active O-4 Staff – 12-May-2020
  • Reserve O-4 Staff – 8-Jun-2020
  • Medical Dept Career Milestone Screen – 22-Jul-2020
  • Medical Dept Command Screen – 22-Jul-2020
  • MSC DUINS – 16-Sep-2020

FY20 LCDR Promotion Notes and Stats by Specialty

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Here are the statistics for the recent LCDR promotion board and some notes from BUMED:

  • 4 in zone individuals were auto-deferred due to having been on active duty less than a year.
  • 90.5% of the in zone group were selected; the vast majority of those who were not selected had approved resignations.
  • There were 6 above zone and 18 below zone selections. 7 of those 18 below zone selects were in General Medical Officer, Flight Surgery, or Undersea Medical Officer billets.


Screen Shot 2019-08-10 at 8.50.19 AM

Screen Shot 2019-08-10 at 8.49.57 AM

Screen Shot 2019-08-10 at 8.50.39 AM


FY-20 Active-Duty LCDR Staff Corps Promotion List

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R 071400Z AUG 19

ALNAV 058/19




RMKS/1.  I am pleased to announce the following Staff Officers on the Active-
Duty List selected for permanent promotion to the grade of Lieutenant 

2.  This message is not authority to deliver appointments.  Authority to 
effect promotion will normally be issued by future NAVADMINS requiring 
NAVPERS 1421/7 preparation and forwarding of the document to PERS-806.

3.  Frocking is not authorized for any officer listed below until specific 
authorization is received per SECNAVINST 1420.2B.

4.  For proper alphabetical order read from left to right on each line.
The numbers following each name to the right indicate the relative seniority 
among selectees within each competitive category.  Note:  An (*) by the name 
indicates the selectee was merit reordered to the top of the promotion list 
in accordance with reference (a).  Members are directed to verify their 
select status via BUPERS Online.

                            Medical Corps
Algiers Timothy James        0129  Allan Elizabeth Jean         0135
Anderson Christine Lee       0127  Anderson Erik Lundberg       0054
Annis Heather                0040  Awodele Elizabeth Ann        0018
Baldeshwiler Mark J          0089  Banaag Shanley Hughes        0209
Barnett Patrick M            0137  Barrett Laura Danielle       0200
Beale Peter Alexander        0061  Beck Justin Lee              0210
Beckmann Robert C            0053  Beer Joshua Robert           0217
Berner Sara Beth             0012  Bessolo Andrew Michael       0132
Beyer Patrick Thomas         0172  Bianchi William David        0227
Biberston Jeffrey D          0138  Bond Emily Alison            0214
Booth Gregory James          0184  Bowen Michael Patrick        0058
Bradley Anthony S Jr         0023  Brawner Christopher M        0056
Brown Gary Orian             0192  Buel Katie Lauren            0190
Cannon Kathleen Ann          0083  Cayce Thomas Elliott         0049
Chauvin Meagan G             0201  Checchi Kyle Douglas         0047
Chece John Thomas            0006  Childers Benjamin Alan       0150
Clerc Jacqueline Gail        0078  Cole Jacob Henry             0252
Collins Jeannette R          0204  Cooper Ryan Thomas           0149
Cordes Mitchel F             0032  Costantoth Camille B         0097
Dear Thomas Augustus         0105  Decicco Joseph Daniel        0033
Desantis Kristin Marie       0126  Devore Charlotte E           0029
Deyoung Tracey H             0242  Dimond Leilani Lee           0088
Dombroski Eric Frank         0101  Donoughe John Scott          0008
Doudt Alexander Daniel       0087  Drayer Sara Marie            0240
Dugar Brandon Campbell       0072  Earley James Patrick         0151
Elliott Emily Jerniga        0243  Erdle Nicholas James         0106
Ernstsignore Elizabeth       0102  Eubanks Joshua David         0080
Ewing Christopher Kane       0017  Fang Ashley Lynn             0216
Fayos Zane Allyn             0142  Fehringer Adam Joseph        0236
Fenton Ronald C              0146  Fernicola Stephen D          0177
Fiore Benjamin Dylan         0130  Ford Alexandra Laine         0090
Fortner Grady A              0107  Freund Brin Etan             0016
Gambrell Justin Blake        0229  Garrett Andrew Robert        0235
Geddes Cody Michael          0231  Geurin Joel Preston          0206
Goold Michael Prince         0093  Gorman John Dunham           0232
Gosselin Michelle M          0024  Gosztyla Carolyn Emma        0114
Gould Allison Anne           0164  Grady Derek William          0144
Graf Andrew Clifford         0118  Granda Christopher S         0228
Gray Carrie Nicole           0073  Greenwald John Addison       0156
Griffis Clare Ellen          0128  Grim Andrew Ward             0079
Grounds Benjamin Eric        0179  Gurley Jessica Anne          0185
Gutierrez Lino A III         0022  Hamilton Ross Michael        0094
Harris Christopher W         0159  Harrison Kathryn Mary        0125
Hasson Ryan James            0136  Heig Todd W                  0007
Held Jenny Michelle          0062  Heller Johnathan M           0034
Hendy Dylan Michael          0021  Hildreth Amy Follmer         0020
Hill Steven Michael          0085  Hill Susan Elena             0140
Hornacek Michael W           0123  House Tyler Bernard          0178
Houskamp Daniel John         0043  Hru Jessica Mahela           0113
Hughes Charlotte K           0121  Hughes Chase Andrew          0239
Hurdiss Sean Michael         0041  Hyman Leslie Jared           0213
James William F III          0038  James Kay Louise             0152
Johnson Andrew Steven        0050  Johnson Cody Reid            0202
Johnson William Rainey       0247  Jones Brendan Adam           0195
Jones Heather Louise         0092  Joseph Shane Paul            0133
Kim Cecilia Jung Ah          0175  Kitz Robert Joseph           0109
Kopp Jason Allen             0031  Kosmach Sterling N           0188
Kramer Todd Raymond          0193  Krepela Alyssa Leigh A       0173
Kucera Walter Bailey         0181  Kurth Benjamin James         0168
Landvater Jeremy Ray         0212  Lane Kelsey White            0064
Lavin Shane Thomas           0165  Lecourt Amarateedha P        0103
Lesko Joshua David           0246  Liddell Daniel Patrick       0244
Light Michael Lee II         0158  Lindsey Matthew C            0011
Litwin Aileen Joanna G       0067  Long James Owen              0111
Lovoi John Edward            0082  Lowery Matthew Joseph        0211
Mackey Meagan Orourke        0015  Madison Kristan E            0154
Maldonado Paul Anthony       0208  Manners Jody Lynne           0180
Marinides Zoe Olga           0183  Mcdevitt Joshua M            0234
Mcdowell Caroline M          0009  Mcevoy Christian S           0153
Mcguire Morgan Michael       0245  Mciver Ian James             0205
Mckinley Joseph Landon       0010  Mcneese Safiya D             0161
Mellor Thomas Edward         0169  Meyer Charles Deblois        0027
Mikals Kyle Arthur           0134  Ming Gerald                  0124
Moon Patrick Sung Gook       0131  Morgan Lisa Lin              0241
Mullinix Patrick C           0057  Murnan Sean David            0248
Murphy Erin Alexis           0224  Myers Ryan Christopher       0037
Myers Shawn Michael          0221  Naymick Stephen A II         0207
Nguyen Alexandre D           0116  Nguyen Tuongvi Dang          0098
Nichols Christina E          0112  Noritake Alana Rae           0074
Norris Emily Ann             0060  Oliver David Scott           0249
Olsen Meredith Lutz          0187  Olsen Aaron Arthur           0197
Paloian Russell Joseph       0191  Park Jesse Aaron             0052
Paul Lauren Ashley           0220  Peacock Andrew Pringle       0115
Pelka Bryan Michael          0120  Perry Nicholas Peter J       0160
Pesqueira Jason M            0039  Peters John Daniel           0199
Petersen Kevin Thomas        0026  Pickett Maryanne Louis       0066
Pinches Helene Marie         0176  Plyler Sarah Elizabeth       0084
Porter Ian Michael           0048  Preston Ryan Kelburne        0095
Quacinella Michael A         0233  Rauschnot James C Jr         0225
Ray Mary Elizabeth           0059  Remick Stephen Robert        0025
Robinson Sara L              0155  Rose Thomas J                0100
Ross Heather Anne            0077  Rubado Eric Chad             0030
Salazar Alexander J          0071  Sanders Henry Sinclair       0003
Sanders Terrel               0065  Sarran Lauren C              0186
Schiavone Kaitlyn M          0219  Schwan Rory Daniel           0222
Schwer Ryan Peter            0145  Sears Stephen Carver         0108
Serpico Eric Joseph          0171  Shiv Erin Nichole            0163
Short Tyler Kent             0237  Sikes Michael Andrew         0035
Sing Derek Cheng Yung        0117  Slama Richard Eugene         0226
Smith Benjamin Thomas        0194  Spellman Kelli Rae           0070
Stark Michael David          0119  Stclair Jesse W IV           0198
Steele Clarence E            0143  Stefanowicz Jessica A        0189
Stockton Jon David           0046  Stottlemyre Morgan G         0148
Suggs Laura Caitlin          0215  Syski Andrew Lawrence        0081
Taillon Carolyn Edson        0157  Tam Tiffany Joy              0162
Teruya Kara Keiko            0086  Thomas Matthew Scott         0174
Tingzon Marlon Q             0230  Tompkins Brett Lowell        0091
Trainer Donald Ray           0036  Trentacosta Robert J         0253
Underbrink Troy P            0099  Verga Jared Michael          0218
Voss Ashley E                0196  Wackowski Gillian R          0223
Waggoner John Patrick        0005  Walker Karrie Anne B         0238
Wannemacher Nicholas Q       0096  Wasmund Joshua Brandon       0203
Weber Christopher Joel       0166  Weber Michael Conrad         0051
Weipert Michael James        0004  Weiss Merissa Ida A          0042
Weisse Angela Marie          0045  Wiemholt Edward B III        0141
Wiles Brittany Lynne         0182  Williams Barbara Jean        0122
Williams Jason Tyler         0028  Williamson Ryan Alan         0139
Wilson Davida E Y            0075  Wilson Benjamin Tsuba        0110
Wilson Matthew James         0063  Winslow Andrew Warren        0014
Wong Joshua Bryant           0055  Wray Jason Maurice II        0250
Wren Garrett Michael         0147  Wu Wei Wei                   0069
Zah Angela                   0251
                           Dental Corps
Aguigam Holly K              0050  Alexander Anthony S          0010
Baho Samantha Hee            0021  Baumann Kerry Beth           0013
Betterbed Thomas W           0052  Betz Sasha Jane              0003
Brown Lauren Ervin           0043  Buechele Ryan William        0035
Bussell Adam Peter           0023  Cardon Jonathan S            0056
Carter Megan Renee           0029  Christensen Jordan S         0054
Cole Diana Kay               0055  Collymore Page Linae         0017
Dachershapiro Judson A       0038  Daniel Catherine E C         0032
Daulton Ian Joseph           0057  Donaldson Blake Aaron        0033
Draper Eric Randall          0012  Dummett Scott Lee            0049
Eurick Kyle Andrew           0004  Evans Tracy Renee            0022
Ferretti Vincent J           0044  Fewins Jenna                 0058
Freeark Jordan Thomas        0053  Harris Kristofer S           0001
Heeter Henry Benjamin        0027  Holliday John Lawrence       0026
Jenista John Steven          0037  Kantaris Kaely Marie         0047
Kelly Matthew John           0061  Kritzas Yianne George        0031
Lee Candace Joi              0051  Liu Wei                      0040
Martin Ashley Ann            0016  Mckinney Richard Adam        0030
Mendoza Michael C            0045  Miller Justin Robert         0002
Moberg Jared Alan            0008  Mullen Bryan Robert          0028
Nguyen Thien Thong           0020  Norris Jessica Renee         0011
Novak Heidi Marie            0005  Owen Michael Richard         0039
Oxley Eric Blair             0060  Ragsdale Kyle William        0015
Randall Thomas Scott         0019  Readel Thomas John           0036
Rothwell David Joseph        0006  Sarmiento Kathrina M         0025
Sarwar Thamar Ansari         0007  Schmidt Carter James         0024
Simon Matthew Elliott        0042  Smith Stephen Estes          0018
Smith Whitney Aiko           0034  Spoelstra Michael P          0009
Takeda Ryan Toru             0048  Tangney Kyle Marshall        0059
Thompson Joseph R            0014  Uhrich Ross Martin           0041
Weinberg Allison Diane       0046
                      Medical Service Corps
Alba Alexander               0045  Alexander Emmy Jean          0070
Alleman Lee Armond           0110  Anderson Yekaterina L        0072
Armas George C               0100  Badic Janine Marie           0027
Bandermann Kyle M            0043  Beard Jason Bryan            0103
Bowerahming Michael L        0071  Boyer Robert Bain            0060
Brown Kevin Clayton          0091  Brown Nickita M A            0108
Bush Matthew Lane            0048  Camaya Victor M              0096
Caperton Ricky J Jr          0109  Castillo Christopher E       0039
Christy Nathaniel C          0112  Colton Matthew Aaron         0038
Cosgrove Sarah Emily         0086  Cutler Darren Wesley         0053
Do Nhu Quynh                 0024  Druhl Carl Benjamin          0068
Ehrsam Mary Christine        0111  Evans Adrian Idris           0033
Fabunmi Bababowale O*        0004  Forrey Gabriel William       0035
Foss Pamela Cole             0101  Franks James Donald          0022
Garcia Daniel Cesar          0069  Garciarivera Jose A          0015
Gaxiola Laura Nicole         0105  Green Michelle Sereese       0080
Greenfield Richard T         0034  Gresko Derek Allen           0049
Grullon Emily Rose           0042  Haag Austin Jade             0006
Haden Brittany G             0094  Hallahan John P III          0051
Halwany Firdous D            0104  Harasimowitz Eric M          0054
Heath Christopher Jay        0041  Hebert Jeffrey Collin        0008
Hensley Philip D Jr          0106  Hermansen Brandon S          0093
Hoang Kevin Quoc Khoi        0050  Holifield Kenneth C          0066
Hsiang Jason Gordon          0074  Huang Ingrid Wilson          0012
Jairam Rohan Amir            0032  Jenkins Sarah Ann            0098
Johnson Margaret C           0056  Kenner Michael Ross          0059
Knight Rachel Ann            0009  Lacanilao Annaelisa P        0047
Lawler Tammi Lynn            0077  Leidel Jason Michael         0011
Lemma Jason Charles D        0090  Lenfert Amber Alayne         0058
Lester David Warren          0075  Logsdon Daniel Lyle          0065
Lugo Christopher             0102  Lund Daniel Paul             0088
Manasco Adrienne Joy         0014  Manning Michael Bryant       0019
Middleton Larry Jr*          0003  Montgomery Ralph R Jr        0113
Moore Joshua A               0097  Mowoe Austin Ochuko          0044
Muffett Joshua David         0099  Neuroth Michelle Renee       0087
Neville Andrew Michael       0081  Newman Safiat O              0023
Nobles Kelly Nicole          0028  Numanoi Mari Kino            0007
Nyberg Yuri Nicholaus        0026  Oconnor Kevin Matthew        0064
Orr Michael Dewayne          0084  Pascetta Joseph G            0040
Paturzzio Mindy Lee          0062  Pearson Mickenzie J*         0001
Peterson Ryan Lloyd          0031  Polito Michael A Jr          0052
Pollmanturner Courtney       0013  Porter Eric Andrew           0057
Quinn Roy Wayne              0079  Rabor Emiliano Calo          0076
Raza Saima Sadaf             0005  Reichold Adam Colter         0016
Riebel Laura Kathleen        0073  Robinson Nicola M A          0085
Romanperez Erick             0010  Saunders Jessica L           0078
Schermer Michael A           0030  Scott Chad Ryan*             0002
Selvarajah Kamalan           0018  Sharpe Linda Diane           0029
Shepard Kyle Hanson          0063  Shirley Ranjan A             0082
Siepker Alison               0083  Simmons Lamont Dewayne       0021
Simonds Wayne Glen           0046  Sterling William E           0092
Stopford Samantha Jane       0095  Sullivan John Lance          0036
Tailey Prince K              0020  Tan Paul Richard F           0025
Torrison Robert L            0107  Tran Hoang Harry Huy J       0061
Unruh Jason Cory             0037  Viano James Richard W        0055
Wearing Myra Samika          0089
                   Judge Advocate General's Corps
Baker Rachael E              0037  Bombard Robert Charles       0018
Breech Allyson Lee           0030  Bright Thomas John           0010
Bunkers Jessica House*       0001  Burkett Sarah Falvey         0016
Burman Damon Lamont          0036  Cardellino Matthew J         0013
Carroll Jennifer S           0024  Ceder Timothy C              0004
Corrigan Philip Joseph       0011  Elko Sharai Landesberg       0032
Fontenot Leah Michelle       0035  Foote Joshua D               0025
Hein Jonah A                 0020  Holt Abigail Rose            0023
Horton Joseph Paul           0006  Howitt Caitlin Rachel        0033
Johnson Jennifer Lynn        0039  Juhn Jacqueline Misah        0022
Kissner Andrea May*          0003  Luzwick Allison June         0029
Marinos Megan Pauline        0028  Mccarl Lindsay Irene         0014
Mcmahon Catherine T          0007  Mcmahon Christopher C        0005
Portzer Joelle C             0026  Preis Ann Vodhanel           0034
Rausa Nicholas Joseph        0008  Sadhwani Alvir Ashok         0012
Santamaria Frank R           0027  Schwartau Jennifer H         0017
Scott Andrew Joyce           0031  Siladi Jonathan F            0038
Smith Adam Christopher       0009  Smith Karen Malia            0021
Solis Spenser Daniel         0040  Sonson Vincent Joseph        0019
Stamper Lucianna H*          0002  Wooten Sara Jane             0015
                            Nurse Corps
Aclese Ashley A              0070  Aranas Leonard N             0010
Argoncillo Kenneth B         0060  Barba Michelle               0066
Bartle Samantha L            0087  Beatty Stephanie Ann         0093
Bene Amy Lynn                0038  Boeder Katherine Mae         0018
Bonair Lauren E              0092  Braiotta Danielle M          0050
Caltagirone Megan Ann        0034  Carter James Nolan II        0057
Chiong Marie Frances N       0075  Clardy Katelin E             0067
Connell Christopher C        0020  Coronado Calina Marie        0021
Craft Ananda D               0097  Cross Mark Edward II         0030
Curry Candyce Marie          0102  Czarzasty Devon R            0052
Czubernat Lisa Suzanne       0026  Davis Shantel R              0023
Dougherty Shannon Lee        0071  Duarte Samira L              0037
Dunston Shaun David          0044  Ebili Patrick O              0008
Fears Burnetta F             0099  Fink Angelica Monique        0094
Fitzgerald Matthew D         0079  Foster Katelyn Ann           0078
Fowler Molly Eileen          0051  Frasure Sarah An             0059
Gallegos Tasha               0022  Gay Zebulon Daniel           0076
Giampaoli Agustin E          0054  Gibson Brandi Lynn           0025
Godfrey Chelsea R            0080  Gunter Larry Alton II        0061
Harper Kara Lynn             0007  Hays Kierstin Anne May       0040
Hendricks Michael Ryan       0082  Hennen Bryan Timothy         0077
Holmstrom Megan P            0017  Horigan Stephanie M          0058
Howell Jessica Rose          0095  Howell Krystal Mary          0064
Jackson Ruby Luz             0074  Jenkins Breda Helen*         0004
Kennovin Amanda Jill         0036  Kuelz Amanda Allison         0009
Kuhn Paul Eugene             0062  Latimer Emily Rose           0039
Lau Tiffany                  0053  Lo Jennifer R                0063
Louk Sarah U                 0046  Ludlow Clint Galen           0011
Mamaril Eugene E             0048  Mcgill Jesse Jordan*         0005
Mcginnis Tiffany C           0098  Miller Kathryn Ann           0072
Mix Lizetteanne C            0049  Morris Tameka Latoya         0033
Murphy Susan Ann             0029  Nguyen Billy Argus           0065
Njoroge Anthony N            0014  Oates Julianne Rose*         0003
Odriscoll Lisa Marie         0086  Ogungbe Olufemi O Jr         0083
Onwujiobi Samuel E           0085  Orozco Roberta Linda         0091
Parker Robin Lee             0027  Paul Uriah                   0069
Payne Christopher G          0089  Quinn Brittany Hansen        0041
Reimonenq Ashley J           0047  Rios Rafael J                0028
Robinson Angela Sherie       0056  Rosales Angelica A           0068
Ryan Erin Rose               0100  Scott Kelly Ann*             0002
Sizemore Aileen David        0084  Smith Chad Everett*          0001
Stephan Lucy Padro           0043  Talvo Raben Bumatay*         0006
Thomas Stephanie D           0024  Tobias Kirra Kristen         0088
Tsuhako Brennda Ann          0073  Turner Constance Marie       0096
Vanhorn Shain Douglas        0055  Visser Lindsay Auman         0101
Voelkel Nathan Edward        0081  Wasson Aaron Nathaniel       0035
Wheelous Rachael Dee         0045  Whiteside Jade Tiari         0031
Whiteside Zachary K          0032  Williams Erin Mattie         0090
Wilson Samina                0042  Zelsdorf Gisselle I          0012
                           Supply Corps
Amposta Janpaul P            0029  Anderson Keith C             0052
Anschuetz Christopher        0068  Bellington Matthew S         0026
Bermudez Daniel C            0089  Bloxham Evan Raydel          0039
Brill Thad Robert Jr         0042  Brooks Mario Dion P          0091
Brown Christopher J          0087  Carney Tara Jill             0054
Castellanos Eduardo J        0032  Chu Calvin Thanh Hoang       0088
Colon Wanda Ivelize          0066  Crabb Jacob Colby            0024
Cruz Russell                 0094  Cuff Stephen Alphonso        0084
Davis Dessislava I           0048  Davis Jacob Reed             0027
Deanon Aaron Benri H         0083  Deiter Jared Ray             0038
Delateur Emmett Louis        0046  Devlin Alanna Mary           0086
Diop Alioune S               0050  Disanto David Joseph*        0005
Dyal David A III*            0001  Ellis Kyle Paul              0071
Escobar Luis Carlos*         0008  Fuentes Madeleine            0030
Garrett Jami Michelle        0036  Gay Justin Chaz*             0002
Givens Jared Lyn             0080  Grayum Travis Michael*       0003
Grogan Shawn Michael*        0004  Guire Charles Walter         0011
Hague Arash                  0055  Hamdouni Najib               0047
Harpel Aaron James           0023  Harpel Blake Michael         0074
Hatting Daniel Stewart       0035  Heisler Andrew Charles       0058
Hendricks Crette O II*       0007  Henry Ian Alexander          0044
Herrick Jonathan Andre       0056  Higgins Justin N             0028
Hinds Anthony Learie         0043  Hinkley Daniel F             0037
Hodsdon Bentley D            0015  Howell Brent James           0049
Hunnell Justin Michael       0059  Hutchings Amy Rose           0092
Irby Traci Leigh*            0006  Jacques Analee Huffman       0076
Jacques Peter Wesley         0078  Johnson Jonathan Leroy       0041
Jones Phillip Charles        0016  Ketring Jacquelyn Mei        0019
Kovachev Nicholas K          0022  Koye Stephen B               0057
Kung Michael Shihche         0013  Lamb Winston Callis          0064
Lopez John Froylan           0010  Machinporrata David R        0090
Martinez Anthony T           0018  Maryan Broward Clark         0093
Meyer Anthony Franklin       0073  Montgomery Jason Wayne       0009
Morlan Jason Ray             0085  Murphy Joseph Patrick        0067
Nechak Matthew Michael       0061  Okonak Jonathan M            0060
Ortiz Bryan Harmon           0077  Riverafontan Gamalier        0079
Roach Adam Michael           0025  Roberts Bret Masters         0082
Salami Saheed Abayomi        0020  Sceviour Gregory Paul        0070
Schoff Jeffrey Lynn          0021  Shane Patrick Charles        0033
Stephens Jordan Tyler        0072  Story Jason Leroy            0062
Suarez Pablo Harana          0063  Sullivan Christina Ann       0081
Thompson Tracy Marie         0012  Travis Jonathan R            0053
Vadala Timothy Patrick       0095  Villanueva Raymond           0031
Vu Tung Pham The             0075  Walsh Erin Cathleen          0034
White Orlando Jerrod         0014  Wiesman Michael Andrew       0045
Wilson Richard James         0069  Zamudio Michael Tyler        0065
Zheng Lin Lin                0040
                           Chaplain Corps
Amora Eduardo Beritos        0013  Bayer Adam Edward            0022
Carlson Kristian L           0020  Downey David Douglas         0019
Grady Christopher R          0008  Hart Jason Ryan              0021
Hickman Joshua Wade          0016  Jean Wilking*                0002
Johnson Klint Arley          0017  Kirschenbaum Brian J*        0001
Maloney Jonathon Ray         0014  Martin David Robert          0011
Murphy Mario Kenyon          0007  Owen Jason Douglas           0012
Peterson David Aaron*        0003  Porter Jason Thomas          0023
Rodgers Paul Benjamin        0006  Russell Keith Alan           0005
Shaw Jason J                 0009  Tambur David Allen           0010
Warren Yonatan Moshe         0018  Williams Roilynn K           0015
Woodard Gregory Scot         0004
                      Civil Engineer Corps
Acosta Ramon                 0021  Anderson Andrew B            0030
Berube Jonathan Paul         0033  Blauwiekel Joseph P          0029
Bly Joshua Patrick           0036  Castin Jonathan L            0023
Cotherman Andrew James       0014  Depersia Raul Roberto        0006
Durnan Patrick Emmett        0034  Eldred Daniel Robert         0031
Erwin Mark Russell           0025  Fletcher William T           0017
Greunke Justin T             0032  Hernandez Robert G           0013
Huber Elizabeth A*           0004  Huls Donald Allen            0007
Kaiser John Michael          0009  Kiel Jason Douglas           0015
Kim Jonathan J               0012  Korpi Andrew K               0024
Krushinski Kristen           0005  Laycock Ronald Barton*       0003
Mcguire Jonathan David*      0001  Mitsch Michael Gregory       0011
Painter Kevin T              0038  Palik Timothy Sean           0027
Payne Daniel Y               0026  Pouliot John Joseph          0020
Renoewick Celeste D          0010  Rovinsky Alexander Jr        0028
Sims Corinne Ann             0035  Stock Thomas Ryan*           0002
Trejo Vincent                0019  Uglow Ronald J               0018
Webb Samuel David            0008  Weber Morgan Charles         0022
White Casie Marie            0037  Yu Sen Feng                  0016
                    Limited Duty Officer (Staff)
Catanese Matthew W            0003  Glover Grant Cassidy*         0001

5.  Released by the Honorable Richard V. Spencer, Secretary of the Navy.//


Throwback Thursday Classic Post – Is Commander the New Terminal Rank? (And Other O6 Promotion Board Takeaways)

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(2019 Note – This is one of the most popular posts on the blog and helped put it on the map. Since the FY16 O6 promotion opportunity of 50% when it was published in 2015, we’ve seen an uptrend:

  • FY17 – 70% promotion opportunity – 34% in zone selection rate
  • FY18 – 80% – 37%
  • FY19 – 90% – 41%
  • FY20 – 81% – 51%

That said, much of what I said in 2015 is still very true. Enjoy!)

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, it is getting harder to promote to Captain. Here are the historical promotion opportunities for O6. You don’t have to be a mathematician to notice the trend:

  FY08 FY09 FY10 FY11 FY12 FY13 FY14 FY15 FY16
CAPT 80% 80% 80% 80% 80% 60% 60% 60% 50%

There are a lot of physicians who came into the Navy when it was relatively easy for a physician to promote to Captain. If you could fog a mirror, you could likely promote. Well…things seem to have changed.

This has frustrated some physicians who failed to promote and is likely to frustrate more in the future. Aside from getting frustrated, though, it would benefit all involved if they could learn from this trend and try to adjust while there is still time. Here are my O6 promotion board takeaways:

  • It is now normal when you fail to select for Captain the first time. In the FY16 board only 39% of Commanders who were in zone were promoted, leaving 61%, a clear majority, who did not. Physicians should expect to fail to select or “get passed over” the first time they are up for O6. (Only FY20 got over 50%, and barely at 51%.)
  • Commander is the new terminal rank for full-time clinicians, and there’s nothing wrong with that. If the thought of taking on a significant collateral duty makes you want to cringe because you want to remain a full-time clinician during your time as an O5, you have likely reached your terminal rank. Physicians get very frustrated when they fail to promote to O6, thinking that the Navy doesn’t value clinical productivity, and this is just not true. The Navy does value clinical productivity, it just doesn’t think that they need to be Captains! The Captain rank has moved from being a reward obtained by most physicians who hang around long enough to a reward for those with senior leadership potential.
  • The overwhelming majority of Commanders who promote to O6 take on a significant collateral duty. Whether they were a department head at a large MTF, a specialty leader, a residency director, a director, president of ECOMS, or in a senior operational role, they all had to pay their dues in these roles in order to score the EPs on their fitreps that allowed them to promote. These roles almost always necessitate a reduction in clinical activity, which is why you are less likely to promote to O6 as a full-time clinician.
  • Having only one competitive EP fitrep before the promotion board is often not enough. At some of the larger MTFs it can take quite a while to “break out” from the pack of Commanders and get an EP on your fitrep. If you are lucky enough to get an EP but you only slide one in before you are in zone, it may not be enough. As the competition heats up, it is the people with multiple competitive EPs that will be in the best position to promote.
  • You need to demonstrate career diversity while not hurting your chances to promote. The best time to mix it up is right after you are selected for Commander. You are finally senior enough to get a decent position at an operational command, BUMED, PERS, or some other alternative command. If instead of mixing it up you stay where you are, you will be the new, small fish in the largest pond in the Navy, the Commander fitrep competitive group. No matter what you do you are probably going to get promotable fitreps for a few years. You might as well use those years to break things up, PCS (even locally to an operational command – I’m not saying you have to move), and demonstrate that you are willing to flex for the needs of the Navy. You may get 1/1 EP fitreps but while you are a junior commander this is unlikely to hurt you. Then once you are done with that tour, you can return to a larger competitive group and compete for one of the aforementioned jobs if you have making O6 on your radar.