Promotion Zones Officially Released. Game On!

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BLUF – If you are above zone, in zone, or below zone for a FY18 promotion board, it is time to download the Promo Prep Document, read it, and do what it says to make sure you’re ready for the board. 

The FY18 promotion zones have been officially released:


This message announces the promotion board dates:

  • 7 FEB 2017 Staff Corps Captain (Board #170)
  • 28 MAR 2017 – Staff Corps Commander (Board #265)
  • 16 MAY 2017 – Staff Corps Lieutenant Commander (Board #300)

Here is what it says about the promotion zones:

The Secretary of the Navy has authorized the release of the following list indicating the names, Active-Duty List numbers and dates of rank of the Senior in-zone, Junior in-zone and Junior officer eligible for consideration for promotion in each competitive category as of the date of this NAVADMIN. In addition, those officers on the Active-Duty List and in the same competitive category who are senior to the Senior in-zone officer listed in their category are considered above-zone and are also eligible for consideration.

CAPT Staff Corps Zones for Board #170
Senior in-zone – CDR S. Ashby 022916-50 01 OCT 2011
Junior in-zone – CDR J. Miller 023124-00 01 SEP 2012
Junior eligible – CDR B. A. Waterman 023610-75 01 SEP 2014

CDR Staff Corps Zones for Board #265
Senior in-zone – LCDR A. J. Owings II 037432-50 01 OCT 2011
Junior in-zone – LCDR A. M. Dicarlomeacham 038187-50 01 SEP 2012
Junior eligible – LCDR J. M. Carness 040050-00 01 SEP 2014

LCDR Staff Corps Zones for Board #300
Senior in-zone LT S. M. Simmons 112278-00 26 OCT 2011
Junior in-zone – LT T. B. Kiner 117814-00 17 SEP 2012
Junior eligible LT J. D. Gutierrez 130542-00 11 AUG 2014

If you don’t understand how to figure out where you are in the zones, just download the Promo Prep document.  It will tell you how to figure it out with your date of rank.

Also of note, BUPERS On-Line will be undergoing maintenance for the next two weeks.

2017 BAH Up an Average of 2.4%, BAS Unchanged

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Here is my summary of an article from the Military Officers Association of America about 2017 allowances:

  • Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) will climb an average of 2.4 percent Jan. 1, or about $41 a month.
  • Actual increases for individual BAH recipients will vary by Military Housing Area, pay grade, and dependency status.  You can look up your BAH at this link.
  • For a third straight year, BAH adjustments will not quite keep pace with the average rise in rent and utility costs, as the Department of Defense sticks to a five-year plan to trim the cost of stateside housing allowances gradually.  The dampening of rates will continue until 2019, when recipients will be paying 5 percent of their off-base rental expenses out of pocket.
  • Rates will fall in 82 housing areas, or 27 percent of the total.  A rate protection provision, however, won’t allow BAH payments to fall for members already assigned to an area unless their pay grade is lowered or their dependency status changed.
  • Basic Allowance for Subsistence (BAS) rates will not change ‪Jan. 1 because food prices were flat the past year. Monthly food allowances for officers will remain at $253.63 per month.

Director of Medical Services Position at NMC Portsmouth – O5/O6 Position

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Director of Medical Services at NMC Portsmouth will be vacated in spring/summer 2017.  To be eligible to apply, members must already be at NMCP or up for orders and must coordinate with their Detailer/Specialty Leader.

The qualified officer should be a CDR or CAPT, have senior leadership experience, and a keen understanding for the governance of hospital operations.  Interested candidates should submit via e-mail a letter of intent, CV, BIO, PRIMS data, and their last three fitreps or letters of recommendation (no more than three total) no later than 1 FEB 2017 to Ms. Carley Schneider (e-mail address can be found in the global address book).

The position description is here:

NMCP DMS Position

PCS Orders Will Be Delayed Due to the Continuing Resolution

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WASHINGTON (NNS) — The Navy announced today that Sailors should expect to receive orders with approximately two months lead time for permanent change of station (PCS) moves following passage of a second Continuing Resolution (CR) for Fiscal Year 17 that will fund the government through April 28, of next year.

“The Navy fully realizes that these shortened lead times limit Sailors’ time to prepare for moves, and burdens them and their families,” said Chief of Naval Personnel, Vice Adm. Robert Burke. “Going forward, we remain committed to providing Sailors with as much information and lead time as we can. Our goal remains to mitigate the CR’s impact on Sailors and their families, to the best of our ability. We ask for your patience as we work through the funding challenges.”

Due to the way resources are phased and allocated under a CR, the Navy currently does not have sufficient funds in our manpower accounts to allow for normal three to four month lead times for Sailors’ PCS orders.

While the Navy will make every effort to ensure that PCS orders are released in a timely manner, these fiscal challenges will result in compressed PCS timelines for Sailors. To date, NPC has received less funding than planned and the average lead time for PCS orders has decreased to approximately two months. Sailors who have not yet received orders will likely have less than two months lead time when the orders are released.

The Navy has utilized a prioritization strategy in previous PCS funding-constrained periods with the intent to minimize impact to Fleet readiness, career timing, and families. Emphasis will remain on global support assignment rotations, career milestone billets, critical readiness fills, minimizing gaps at sea for deployed units and those working up to deploy, and keeping the training pipelines moving. Those Sailors who are going to operational units about to deploy, numbered fleet staffs, overseas billets, individual augmentees or must-moves (safety, early return of dependents, humanitarian) will be issued their orders first.

Additionally, Navy Personnel Command will continue to issue letters of intent for overseas moves. That way, while orders may not be in hand, individuals can start the process of doing overseas and medical screenings, dependent entry approval, passport applications and security clearance requests.

We encourage all Sailors with projected rotation dates during this fiscal year to contact their detailers with questions and concerns with the understanding that there may be a delay as we work through Sailors’ issues.

Director for Education, Training, and Research at Walter Reed – O5/O6 Position

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All the info is in this PDF:

WRNNMC Director of ETR

The qualified officer should be in the grade of O5/O6, have senior leadership experience, and be able to serve a minimum of 2 years.  If you are interested, contact your Specialty Leader or Detailer.

FY17 Navy Medicine Leadership Course Catalog & AMDOC Information

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Here is the FY17 Navy Medicine Leadership Course Catalog:

FY17 Navy Medicine Leadership Course Catalog

AMDOC remains the most requested course, and it is challenging to get into.  For example, the next AMDOC course had 77 Medical Corps applicants for 12 spots.  BUMED prioritizes for those who are about to come into zone for promotion to allow greatest selection opportunity.  When you apply to AMDOC be sure to include where you are in the promotion cycle in your application.  You may have to apply numerous times before you are selected.


Navy Medicine East Chief Medical Officer – O6

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Here is the position description for the Navy Medicine East CMO.  This is an O-6 position.  Nominees should be prepared to be in the Tidewater region in April/May 2017 timeframe for turnover.  Interested parties should submit their CV/BIO/LOI/OSR/PSR and last 3 fitreps to their Specialty Leader by 4 Jan 2017 for consideration.