2022 David Packard Lecture – Dr. Anthony Fauci – COVID-19: Progress and Priorities in the 3rd Year of a Historic Pandemic

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There were audio issues for Dr. Fauci that resolve at about 11:17 if you want to skip to that portion:

Nature Article: Real-time infection prediction with wearable physiological monitoring and AI to aid military workforce readiness during COVID-19

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Navy Medicine can take a big dose of credit for the publication of this peer-reviewed report of RATE, a system to detect COVID in the force using wearables (, which was just published in Nature. In a cohort of over 9,000 service members, the team demonstrated the ability to detect infection up to 48 hours before symptom onset. CDR Niels Olson, MC, a Navy pathologist, was the initial Principal Investigator, the first IRB approval was from NMCSD’s Institutional Review Board, and the first cohort was a US Navy ship. The other services picked it up and ran with it, with dozens of operational units enrolled, and we owe them a debt of gratitude, but the Navy truly led on this one.