What Was New in the FY23 O6 Promotion Board Convening Order

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Comparing the FY23 O6 promotion board convening order to last year’s, here is what I see that is different:

  • The board occurred 3 weeks earlier on 8 FEB 2022 instead of 1 MAR 2021. Last year was delayed due to COVID.
  • Promotion opportunities changed, to include:
    • Medical Corps went from 90% to 95% (the highest allowable by law).
    • Dental Corps went from 90% to 92%.
    • Medical Service and Nurse Corps both stayed at 50%.
  • On page 5 under Commitment to Operational Excellence they added, “The Navy values service and superior performance on operational fleet and subordinate command staffs.” In my opinion, this is one more suggestion to go operational. Every year they add more language emphasizing it.
  • Pages 11-13 detail new equal opportunity and diversity guidance. In this section, they also prohibit the consideration of opting out of the normal career path by deferring consideration at any promotion boards or use of the Career Intermission Program.

Those are the only changes I see. Here is the FY23 file:

Here is the FY22 one if you want it:

One thought on “What Was New in the FY23 O6 Promotion Board Convening Order

    Paul said:
    March 5, 2022 at 22:25

    Check out the added skill requirements section for the staff O6 reserve board. Looking back this has been blank. Now a definite pivot to operational expertise.

    Page 4


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