2022 LEAPS HRO Poster Award Call for Nominations – Deadline Extended

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The 2022 LEAPS High Reliability Organization (HRO) poster awards showcase recognizes initiatives that improve the Military Health System (MHS).  This competition seeks approaches and enhancements in both clinical and non-clinical areas that result in more reliable processes, better outcomes, and higher quality care.  The goal is to promote a culture of learning, sharing, and continuous improvement within the MHS.  The posters will be displayed on the LEAPS website.  Command/PAO notification prior to submission is recommended.  Poster submissions open to all Corps and employees of MHS.

The award submissions will be evaluated based on the use of one of the five HRO Principles:

1) Preoccupation with Failure

2) Sensitivity to Operations

3) Deference to Expertise

4) Commitment to Resilience

5) Reluctance to Simplify


NOTE**Template provided for guidance, but not required for submission.

Submissions and/or questions please send to LCDR Amber Lenfert and LTjg Doudoubite Korabou (contact is in the global).


HRO Poster Showcase – LEAPS 2022 (navyleaps.com)

Group: Navy MSC High Reliability Organizations … |milBook Home (milsuite.mil)

2021 HRO Poster Showcase – LEAPS 2022 (navyleaps.com)

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