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This NAVADMIN announces the new fitrep instruction and talks about the transition from NAVFIT98 to the new eNAVFIT system. Reading the NAVADMIN, it will take some time to see how the changes play out. Reportedly the eNAVFIT will hit the Reserves this month, but Active Duty in “early 2022.” As of when I’m typing this on 1 DEC 2021, the updated instruction isn’t posted on the website referenced (or at least it isn’t easy to find). A Google search did not locate it either.

Here is an info sheet about eNAVFIT:

I did note this section of the NAVADMIN that seems to be most relevant to those writing fitreps using an N code for a PFA:

    f.  Incorporates changes clarifying the use and what can be included in 
the comments section for the *N* code, Block 20, Physical Fitness Assessment 
Code, for pregnant service members. 
        (1) If using the *N* code because of pregnancy, no directed comment 
should be used in the performance comment section. 
        (2) Do not quote from medical reports or summaries and do not include 
comments pertaining to medical issues (physical and/or psychological, e.g. 
pregnancy, post-partum, etc.) that do not affect the members performance of 
duties and/or his or her effectiveness as a leader. 

There will be more to follow on this, I’m sure.

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