Hot Fill for Fall 2021 – MC Career Planner Position – CAPT(s)/CAPT

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This position is located within the Office of the Navy Medical Corps, Office of the Corps Chiefs, BUMED.  This position serves as a focal point for dissemination of leadership, coursework and officer development for 3700 Active and 500 Reserve physicians.  Specific roles include but are not limited to recruitment, career consultation, Career Development Board oversight, and board membership/leadership for several critical committees within BUMED. 

Requirements for the position include rank of CAPT or CAPT select, board certification in any medical specialty, a solid understanding of both MTF and operational medicine practice, and excellent communication and organizational skills.  Applications include CV, Bio, OSR, and PSR should be directed to CAPT Joel Schofer, Deputy Chief of the MC (contact in the global).  Inquiries/questions about the position can be directed to the incumbent, CAPT Keller (contact in the global).  Applications must be submitted NLT 27 August 2021 with an anticipated start date of Fall 2021.  Please see full PD:

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