Reader Question – I’m about to be an intern and I’m new to your site. Where should I start?

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This is a good question. After 6 years of posts, it can be overwhelming if you are starting fresh. Here is what I’d recommend if you are a new reader.

First, because you are about to be an intern, one of your next career milestones will be to match into a residency. As a result, I’d read this post:

Tips to Get Selected for GME

Second, I think you need to understand the current Medical Corps career path, so I’d read these posts:

The New Medical Corps Career Progression Slide – What Does It Mean to You?

Specialty Specific Career Paths

Third, I think you need to get an idea of how to get promoted. Plus, it is never too early to get your record ready. I’d read the Promo Prep:

Joel Schofer’s Promo Prep

When it comes time to do your first fitrep, I’d read the Fitrep Prep:

Joel Schofer’s Fitrep Prep

In addition, this is the most popular individual post on the site:

LCDR Fitreps – Language for Writing Your Block 41

The earlier you get your financial house in order, the better, so I’d read the TSP Guide:

Joel Schofer’s TSP Guide

You will eventually need to develop a military bio and CV, so I’d go to the 2nd most popular individual post on the site:

CV, Military Bio, and Letter of Intent Templates

That is a lot to read. Once you’ve digested all of that, I’d browse “The Book,” which is the page where I’ve cataloged all the posts over time and arranged them by subject. Read what interests you: – The Book

That is my recommendation, but readers can post other suggestions for what newbies should read. Thanks for writing, asking the question, and reading.

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