One Way to Get Operationally Relevant and Advance Your Career – Go Undersea Medicine

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Every year promotion boards are placing more emphasis on operational contributions. Here is one way to get operationally relevant if you are residency-trained:


Residency trained physicians are encouraged to become Undersea Medical Officers.  Positions are available with operational units, research facilities, training commands, MTFs, and overseas.  If you would like more information about billets contact the Undersea Medicine Specialty Leader, CAPT James Mucciarone (contact info is below).  If you would like information about training, visit the Naval Undersea Medical Institute website and go to the tab for Prospective Undersea Medical Officer ( 


James J. Mucciarone, MD, CPE


Force Medical Officer

Commander Submarine Force

U.S. Pacific Fleet

Undersea Medicine Specialty Leader

Office: (808) 473-5789

Cell: (757) 817-7380

NIPR: james dot mucciarone at navy dot mil

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