One Navy Medicine – SG’s Message from Tidewater

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Esteemed Colleagues,

Last week I had the pleasure of visiting our One Navy Medicine Team in the Tidewater area and it is very rewarding and encouraging to see the Fleet side, NMRTC/NMC Portsmouth and Navy and Marine Corps Public Health Center all working together as One Navy Medicine to ensure the readiness of our warfighters. Take a look at the attached short video for a look at an example of our new Platforms headed to the fleet in the next few years!

MilSuite Link (Gov Computers)–

YouTube Link  –

Transcript here (If you don’t have the bandwidth for video):

SG Sends


Bruce L. Gillingham, MD, CPE, AOA


Surgeon General, U.S. Navy

Chief, Bureau of Medicine and Surgery

One thought on “One Navy Medicine – SG’s Message from Tidewater

    Natalie said:
    October 31, 2020 at 06:35

    I’m not sure if the EPF is the best platform as an “ambulance.” I was on one for two months, and it does not handle sea states above 3 very well, which could make care provision difficult in higher seas. However, others seem to think they can do surgery on these platforms:
    Interesting new paradigm in Navy medicine platforms…to say the least!


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