Finance Friday Articles

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Here are my favorites this week:

Almost Zero

How COVID-19 is forcing physicians to rethink the concept of job security

International stocks help diversify your portfolio

You Don’t Need Alpha


Here are the rest of the articles:

4 Things I’ve Learned Reading Medical Expert Witness Opinions

5 Ways to Protect Your Investment Portfolio in a Downturn

6 steps to selecting a target-date fund

7 Great First Steps in Real Estate Investing

15-Year or 30-Year Fixed Mortgage: Which Is Right for You?

AcreTrader Review: Invest in Non-Leveraged, Cash-Flowing Farmland

A Roth IRA For Every Baby in America

Asset Allocation (Part 1): The Security Bucket

A Year of Change for the TSP, Still More on the Way?

Being an Expert Witness: Why Starting Today Can Save Your Tomorrow

Best Time to Buy a Car & 8 Other Steps on How to Get the Best Deal on a Car

Chasing Markets Can Be a Poor Long-Term Investment Strategy

Cooking Up a Story About Robinhood Traders

Crash Test

Finding Your Ideal Retirement Location

Going Back to School? Here Are the 2020-21 GI Bill Rates

How I Found Financial Security in a Culture Obsessed with Consumerism

How Millennials Can Close the Generational Wealth Gap

How to Succeed at Private Real Estate Investing

Is It Wrong to Earn Less?

Just Another Day

MOAA Tax Update: The Status of 5 Key States

Patience is Virtue No One Has Time For Anymore

Pay off our mortgage or not? A glimpse into a couple’s final decision

Private School During the Pandemic: Visiting an Old Debate

Retirement plan down because of covid-19? Here’s why you still need stocks in your 401(k).

Say No to a Vacation Home

Should Retirees Adopt a Flexible Withdrawal Strategy?

Skewed Impression

Want a Strong Portfolio? Don’t Make These 7 Mistakes

What If We Get Inflation But Interest Rates Don’t Rise?

Why Is Gold Rising?

Would You Quit Your Job as a Lottery Winner?

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