Associate Director of Healthcare Business at NMCP – O4-O6

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The Director for Healthcare Business (DHB) seeks qualified applicants from any Corps, senior O-4/O-5/O-6 for the position of Associate DHB. All applicants must either be at NMCP, have orders inbound to NMCP, or have clearance from their Detailer to apply.

Applicants should submit:

  1. Letter of intent
  2. Director’s endorsement
  3. CV
  4. BIO
  5. Last 3 fitness reports

Applications should be submitted to Mr. Osmin Flowers (contact in the global) and cc CDR Margaret Reynolds (contact in the global).

**Deadline to apply is no later than COB 23 JUL 2020**

Anticipate interviews will be conducted the week of 27-31 JUL 2020.

Please direct any questions regarding the vacancy to CDR Margaret Reynolds or CDR Taylor Banks (contact in the global).

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