What’s New in the FY21 O5 Promotion Board Convening Order?

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There were a lot of changes in the FY21 O6 promotion board convening order that emphasized operational medicine and readiness, but what about the recently released O5 order? While there are some minor changes from last year’s order I won’t address, here are all the important changes…

Page 2 of the FY21 Order

The promotion opportunities went from 85% down to 83% for the Dental Corps and from 63% down to 55% for the Medical Service Corps. The Medical and Nurse Corps remained the same at 77% and 70%, respectively.

Pages 8-10, Paragraph 6 – Medical Community Considerations

Language was added that emphasized operational medicine and readiness. I put the new language in underlined italics:

  • “Knowledge and proven performance/experience in a variety of settings including operational medicine, joint medical operations, and current garrison health care and fleet/FMF support is necessary.”
  • “Additionally, Navy Medicine greatly values joint experience and formal education, including JPME with knowledge and experience in a variety of settings including joint medical operations and current garrison health care delivery and operational support initiatives.”
  • “They must understand and use best clinical practices and business tools in managing the health and readiness of our operating forces to ensure they are healthy and on the job.” A reference to “population health” was changed to “health and readiness.”
  • This statement was added, “Excellence in operational support settings should receive special consideration as Navy Medicine shifts greater focus to readiness and operational support.
  • “Best and fully qualified officers for the rank of commander and below will be those who have demonstrated superior sustained performance in jobs that demonstrate increasing responsibility, scope and complexity across the spectrum of military medicine, especially inclusive of operational platforms.

The Bottom Line

Operational medicine and readiness is emphasized in the new O5 promotion board convening order.

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