Finance Friday Articles

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Here are my favorites this week:

Free Beer Plus Profits! A Craft Brewery Investment Goes Full Circle

How Often Do Long-Term Bonds Beat Stocks?

Roth 401(k) vs. 401(k): Which is the Better Option?

The Best Side Gig Is Spending Less


Here are the rest of the articles:

3 keys to building an emergency fund

5 Ways Financial Freedom Beats Burnout

10 Reasons to Consider a Nonclinical Job to Defeat Burnout

Achieving Financial Freedom as a Physician is Simple, but Not Easy

Breaking the Traditional Financial Rules

Consumer Addiction and 5 Ways to Beat It

Consumption Smoothing is Stupid

Debt is Like a Negative Bond

How a Career Transition Can Help You Reach Financial Independence

Indexed Annuities – No Down Less Up

Investing legend Burton Malkiel on day-trading millennials, the end of the 60/40 portfolio and more

IRS Adds New Criteria for COVID-Related Loans, Withdrawals From Retirement Plans

IRS expands criteria to withdraw money from retirement plans for those affected by coronavirus

Is an Annuity Right for You?

Rebalancing Too Slow?

Report of Retirees Fleeing Market Due to Coronavirus Was Greatly Exaggerated

Right From Wrong

Should I Buy Stocks Now?

Should spouses get to contribute to troops’ retirement savings accounts? Debate set to begin.

States Without Income Tax: Is There a Benefit to Moving?

The Best and Worst Quarters in Stock Market History

The Economy is Not the Stock Market

The Key to Successful Investing? Your Mindset

The New 60/40 Portfolio

Vanguard Leaning More On ETFs

When It Comes to Social Security Retirement Benefits, Timing Matters

Why an S Corp Doesn’t Mix Well With a W-2 Job

Why is Gold Valuable?

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