Navy-Specific Travel Guidance

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The SECDEF extended the world-wide Stop Movement through 30 June 2020 and the Acting SECNAV released an associated ALNAV. As such, the Navy updated its consolidated COVID-19 NAVADMIN to reflect the new stop movement date, and provided updated information on a number of topics, to ensure the NAVADMIN is a “one-stop shop” reference for our Navy leadership, Sailors, civilians, and their families.

Major updates include:

  • Consolidates guidance.
  • Incorporates Fleet feedback and provides clarifying language throughout.
  • Incorporates updated force health protection guidance.
  • Addresses Fleet mission essential training and Midshipmen summer training.
  • Addresses pregnancy, leave, Common Access Cards (CACs)/ID cards, Navy Medicine service updates, selection boards, and casualty and mortuary affairs.
  • Provides a bibliography of other important COVID-19 policy updates.
  • Moves reporting criteria and requirements to a separate and stand-alone NAVADMIN.

I will have more than a few e-mails and phone calls today to try and sort out what this all practically means for those coming into and leaving GME, promotion boards, etc. and will put out specific guidance on those topics once I can. I wanted to get this out there, but I may not have answers to your questions right away.

As always, if you have questions about your orders your Detailer is your go-to resource, not this blog. My Detailer hat is 5 years old.

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