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I like these principles/quotes from the Vanguard article about dealing with market volatility:

Market volatility is normal and expected. History tells us this too shall pass. Consider this: To date, every significant market fall has been followed by a rebound. We anticipate downturns; we just can’t predict how low the market will go or when it will bounce back.

I trust my asset allocation because it’s based on my time horizon, risk tolerance, and goals.

I don’t know if market volatility will be the “new normal,” but I know it’s normal—so normal, in fact, we’ve posted several blog posts about it before.


Here are this week’s favorites:

Bear Market! What (If Anything) Should You Do?

Surviving Your Very First Market Crash

The Hardest Part of a Buy & Hold Strategy


Here are the rest of this week’s articles:

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Intra-Specialty Salary Differences on Merritt Hawkins

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School’s in Session – 6 Takeaways from the Downturn

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The Corona Crisis vs. The Great Depression

The Federal Reserve Doesn’t Control Mortgage Rates, The Market Does

The Simple Path to Wealth: Is It Really That Simple?

The Unpleasant Surprise of the Bond Market During COVID-19

What COVID Taught Me About Money

What Doctors Should Care About in the CARES Act (the Coronavirus Relief Package)

What Matters Most When Investing

What the $2 Trillion Stimulus Plan Means For Your Student Loans

What the CARES Act Means for Doctors

When Dollar Cost Averaging Matters the Most

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